Splinterlands - Gold I league for the very first time

in #spt10 months ago

Today I have so many interesting thing to share regarding my splinterlands game progress. The first and foremost thing is my progress towards Gold I league for the very first time. This should have happened long back. I have been trying for this for a very long time but it never happened. There is still only 6 hours left for the season to end and I'm really happy that I was able to reach Gold I league this season. This will bring me 30 cards.


I did share my progress every day this season without missing I believe but only one day I had a problem because of the dragon splinter as the daily quest splinter and the new rule that asked me to win tournament battles. Other than that my progress was very good throughout the season.

I have to definitely commend my water splinter for this because only with that splinter my progress has always been great. I was not good with the fire splinter yet even though I have an advanced deck. When I got water splitter few times this season, my progress was really very smooth.


It is good to see my highest rating now in 2500 which is the very first time for me. I did not imagine this to happen before upgrading my summoners. I still feel that I can do a lot better and progress even further in the game. Yesterday only I shared about my new record in the game and today I'm glad to see that I'm already in a new record now which makes me feel good to play this game.


Another advantage in going up the league is that we will be able to get some extra cards in the daily quest rewards. I'm glad to receive many new cards from the quest reward but along with that it is very good to see many rare cards and epic cards almost daily in the daily quest rewards.


Seems you are making some progress :)

Yes last season was very good. Thanks @cardboard.