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Today I was really very curious to check my profile to see the worth of my cards. I heard that after the Beta packs were sold out, the price of some of the Beta cards was increasing. I wanted to check that and went straight to the market and checked the price of some of the cards. I noticed that the price of the cards pumped a little bit. Not the most common cards that we see but especially the summoners and some cards that are very less in supply.


I then went to check my profile worth. I was surprised to see that the overall profile value has also increased a little bit. Splinterlands team is definitely working on bringing new features to the game but at the same time, it is good to cut short supply so that the value of the leftover items increases. This is a strategy everywhere in business. Now that the supply of beta cards have reduced, I guess it is good for people who hold their useless beta cards and waiting for an opportunity to sell the cards. I have seen some of my friends already selling the beta cards in the market for a good price and getting ready for the next excitement in the market.


I received the above cards from the usual daily quest. The cards were good because if not today they are going to add some value to my profile someday but for the past few days, my progress in the game is not very good. I have been lazy to complete the daily quests. The reason is that I have got Death Splinter as the next quest splinter. I wanted to give it a try to win the games with death splinter but it is not happening. I should either keep trying hard or change the quest and try my luck with other splinters.

I'm not sure if this is the right time to purchase some extra cards. I have been thinking about buying some extra cards to make my deck more powerful. So far, I have been purchasing new cards only with the help of DEC that I get by playing ranked matches. Today I was surfing through the market to check the price of some of the cards in my wishlist. Let me think about that. I might even sell some of my existing unused cards for a good price to purchase new cards.


Thanks for the curation @cardboard. Yes peak monsters is also an option. I keep forgetting to use that. Well I'll remember next time. Thanks for the heads up. 😊

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