I'm Thankful The "gods" Are Led By @clove71

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I've seen many of the issues that people have raised about the Immortal Gods, and wanted to throw my opinion in.


Competitive Balance

While I think its healthy to have a competitive balance, it might take a little longer due to the speed at which @clove71 was able to assemble her team. That's ok with me though. The guild wars are still months away from what I can tell, and it will be a challenge to all of us to rise to her level. While everyone would like to be the leader, the real world dictates that isn't possible, so we at @teampossible will challenge the "gods" and I would expect the same from @jarvie @glory7 @stefan and everyone else's respective teams.


Clove's Nature Is PERFECT For The Game

One fear in the arguments that I've seen is that people are going to leave thinking the game is now "stacked" in the "gods" favor. And I would agree with this argument if many of the whales I've seen on Steemit were in charge. However, that *IS NOT the case. Clove is in charge. And in my opinion, she is by far the most dedicated person I've seen regarding the Splinterlands/Steem Monster project.

Clove stands head and shoulders above everyone. She has stayed up late giving cards and packs away. She's streamed games, pack openings, given starter decks, manned the discord, and run tournaments. She has given selflessly the whole time. Without question.

Simply put, Clove cares about the game. She cares about the people that play the game and about making sure that it is a fun and enjoyable environment. I have NO FEAR WHATSOEVER that Clove will be involved with anything that destroys the game.



While it looks like the "gods" are out in the lead for now, I see absolutely no reason for concern. That's how all leagues start with somebody in the front runner spot. And as far as their horde of good players being damaging to the game's image, I couldn't think of a better leader to be in charge than @clove71.

I've been here since the beginning and I'm truly thankful the "gods" are led by @clove71!


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Hi there! You are too kind, I am so glad you are here- what a long way we have come and now on top of everything else...Guilds are here! There will be a lot more Guilds coming with time too. It is an exciting time and I feel like it is Christmas! The whale comment was funny, lol! Quite the opposite unfortunately. I love Splinterlands and all my crypto is invested in it. I put all the eggs in one basket as I believe in the game and the basket was small, LOL! I got 1.5 million DEC early on- bought most of it cheap. I Didn't touch it but then started using the brilliant potions and bought Orb packs and got a few GFL- sold them and and Bought more DEC! This game- Splinterlands- it will be huge! I am not in charge alone though of Immortal Gods- there are 5 who are with me. I did initially get people together long ago even including Fyrsktikken back then but it was way too early, now over a year later it is looking great! I knew we had to have the main team together early on. Lots of people did that. I am in a what I call a Co-op Guild where there are 4 other Co-Leaders and we all vote on all decisions regarding the Guild. We have given away 10K DEC for others to start a Guild, we have a new 10K giveaway starting any day you can see it in the Steem Monsters feed sometime soon. Thanks for being here, you are a Steem Monsters - Splinterlands O.G.! I was surprised as Guild Wars/Battles have not even started - nothing is even going on yet except to achieve the highest level you can get for the DEC bonuses and shop discounts. We have been working real hard at that too- it is not always easy for me doing daily quests while up high on the leaderboard. I think the reason we work well together is we all love the game! Thanks for being here again!
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ut ohh... there are others in charge :O ... lol ... just kidding

I know if you have anything to do with it, then it will be great for the game. I have no fear when Clove is involved! You have demonstrated your love for the game more than anyone I know... And we (as O.G.'s) have seen some great peeps come and go, so that's saying a lot!

I wanted to get this out so that at least my thoughts are known on this topic. While I hope we catch up to you and defeat the "gods", it will be in the spirit of good competition and the outcome will be something that I'm sure we both will enjoy!

Good luck to your team Chris and thanks for all you have done (and continue to do)!

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