The next Reward Cards are Going Out of Print!

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When Lord Arianthus, Mushroom Seer, Flame Imp and Hobgoblin went out of print some weeks ago, the Steemmonsters community went crazy and FOMO spread through the Splinterlands leading to huge spikes in the prices of those cards. Some time has passed since then and the only card to keep that increased price level was the one most vital to the current Meta: Lord Arianthus (still listed at more than 100% of the price before the stop of supply). Mushroom Seer is also still twice as expensive as before.

Next out-of-print reward cards

Now we are fast approaching a huge wall of reward cards that soon will never be printed again. But nobody seems to take any notice about it as everyone is excited and distracted by the upcoming Untamed Release.

Untamed Banner

Pirate Archer and Naga Fire Wizard have already passed their 96% levels and at the current rate should go out of print during or not much later than the current season. The only reward edition summoner Daria Dragonscale is also hovering above 91% printed already as well as the Life splinter tank Unicorn which is sitting at 93% and the Life support Divine Sorceress (90%) of total supply already given out.

For the first time we also have many common cards that will go out of print soon. Above 90% printed currently are: Highland Archer, Rusty Android, Sea Genie, Vampire. As these are currently among the cheapest cards in the game, it will be interesting to see, what a stop of fresh supply does to their price. Looking at Beta cards the price should at least double, more likely triple.

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The ultimate question now is: Which of these cards is the next Lord Arianthus? Which card’s price will appreciate most? The Pirate Archer will probably be the next Mushroom Seer. I expect the Pirate to soon spike to about 30 cents like the Mushroom and then stay somewhere around 25 cents. The reason being that his abilities are equally unique and useful. Getting a non-magic blast creature for just two Mana is too good to pass on.

Personally, I expect Daria Dragonscale to go to the moon soon and already bought a couple of them on stock to sell later. I firmly believe in Daria for two reasons. Firstly, Daria is as essential to the current Meta as Lord Arianthus (maybe even more valuable to the gameplay). Secondly, look at what has happened to the Epic Beta summoners. These were trading around 80 cents when the rare summoners were around 1.20 USD. Now the field looks different: Epics are up 300 percent trading above 2 USD, thus being more expensive than most rare summoners, some of which only gained about 50 percent in value.

Want to check the exact print rates of all reward cards yourself? Use this amazing reward card stats tool hosted on GitHub.

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Ps.: You need to get in the game before these cards will be unclaimable forever? Get a starter pack through my referral link and comment here. I will help you to get started with some free cards for your deck.

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Nooo! Dont spread the knowledge!

Just kidding, good post! Ive been buying reward cards for a while now!

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I bought my Darias before writing the post. ;-P

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Great post! I came back and gave you a full 100% upvote!

The run on Rusty Androids has begun!

Pirate Archer is a strong card and will attract some demand once OOP. 2 drops are not easy to come by... forgive the 'talk', I'm a Magic player.

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