Lose Lose Lose Lose!

in spt •  10 days ago 

I guess it's that time of the season once again. The day where I feel frustrated the most and the day where I almost throw my phone in frustration (again). XD The day when I had the most matches where I thought I would win only to find out after skipping the battle that I have lost the battle. T_T


I honestly thought that today would be a good one as my daily quest for the day was the "Earth Splinter", the splinter I am most confident in winning and the splinter I have the highest win-rate (I think).

But as soon as I started doing my matches, "MISSES" happen. Like a lot of misses. I personally feel that my monsters hit-rate for today is only at 10%. Loljk

Take this match as an example, the total misses of my monsters on this battle is at a whooping 5 and the stun trigger of the opponent's Goblin Mech seems to be almost at 100% or almost every round. I'm not exaggerating and I counted at least 6 stuns for that monster for this match. T_T The Stonesplitter Orc's "retaliate" was also triggered at the crucial round which made me feel more worse.

In short, I had the worst luck on this match that it triggered almost every time the opponent's monsters ability and that somewhat continue in my next few matches. XD


Rewards for today was kinda okay since I got another ESSENCE ORB.


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