3 Hours of Steemmonsters - Two in GOLD 1

in spt •  7 months ago 

This has to be my record.
I usually do not play so much and let friends play my best account.
But now it is holiday and my son wanted to play - AND WE PLAYED
Account 1 - Gold 1
Account 2 - Gold 1
Account 3 - Silver II just now but I think I will reach GOLD III

It was pretty easy to go up to GOLD 1 and I am thinking of why? It was much harder only for some month ago.

  1. More players with lower cards?
  2. More bots? Sometimes it feels like that
    Have you notice the same?

Lets see tomorrow what 90 cards can give us

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I am actually really horrible with the Life deck at the moment. I am not so good in distinguishing which to use while the other decks are easier to determine. Probably I am going to stick to the dragon summoner and use them (if available) for some handicap assistance.

With One of My account I Only play White.
Dragon is Good But not so much defence.