*Splinterlands* Season reward

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Hello to all of you,
the splinterlands season has ended and with it it's the last season we played on the steem blockchain...
Seem like an era has ended 😪
But there is still hope, splinterlands will continue on the hive blockchain.
But let's get back to the season reward. It's the second time I made it to champion III league 🥳

Unfortunately there was a glich on the splinterlands website and I couldn't take a screenshots. But I managed to get the info from peakmonsters.com. I was rewarded with 80 loot chests and here are the highlights:
Okay, two epic, one gold and one orb. Not so bad at all. And this was the orb content:
Yes, one more gold card 😊 That's it for today.

See you


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