A Sudden Happy & Sad Moment

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When I logged in today and had that announcement of 10% discount, I was curious and it led me to the Shop page.


There it was, such a luring announcement, and even with @secondchance told me about it, I was so happy because she got some air drop!

I remembered I bought some before it was officially announced and I actually cannot remember that I had air drop from the Untamed series before; so I was really excited as I saw the card had pretty epic skills in the Dragon's deck.

I would have thought this would be an epic Valentine's Day present...

And then...


This happened.

Maybe @secondchance was right, it was for massive purchasers / investors into the Splinterlands league...

Little old me with just only 4 booster packs that I could afford, wouldn't be able to make up anything compared to the other investors.

That was quite a bummer

Until @arcange (being the arc-angel) remembered his angels and tagged our main accounts with glee and thoughtfulness.


At least the (Valentine's) day did not end with a total loss. The big brotherly love and care is well received!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am going to sit tight, chill and maybe try a one pot pasta for my parents who so need a break from all the housework.

All the custom caricatures are first generated in iMirror and totally re-done by me personally. If you fancy similar caricature but too lazy to do so, buzz me with some DEC, I can help you out!


MEh, those untamed cards are overpriced anyway. ANND, you need FOUR to boost them to a higher level.

I like free cards too though, so I feel a little of your pain.

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Yeah, I think a lot of people are trying to make this as a buy low sell high idea which is a disadvantage for beginners and kids who will not have enough to upgrade levels.

In the end it begins to feel like a big man's (early adopters) game and little leagues are and tiny plankton will be squashed off.

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