3 days with death quest

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Heya everyone wassup,

Been getting death quest for the past three days. I don't hit change quest option just because of #SkeletonAssassin. I trust poison ability of Skeleton Assassin. This monster is savage with its 2 abilities. sneak and poison. Yesterday i had a battle with level 7 cards and i noticed something very weird. When my level 6 Skeleton Assassin attacked the opposing team's monster poison ability did work but when i got attacked by opponent Skeleton Assassin it didn't work. That was the reason i was able to win that battle.

So it made me think how does actually algorithm of splinterlands work?. Was it pure luck? or something else?

But let me show screenshot of that battle


Or maybe i used double sneak attack this is why i was able to win. Well, whatever i won it does matter to me. I love anther monster of death attack and it's #TwistedJester yea i like it because of it snipe ability and its speed. Monsters with high speed and snipe ability are love.

When i started playing my quest with death splinter i got some epic wins with 70+ points and managed to get #Diamond2.


While writing this post i am playing quest as well only one battle away from my quest i hope i will be able to complete it :P

Finally done hehe don't know why but last battle always gives me headache :P XD i got some Noice cards XD

My quest reward cards



Investment in splinterlands

Again I bought Mystery potion with some good hopes but my previous 2 buyings are shit as hell. Daily i am getting shit common reward cards for the sake of mystery and i am literally pissed. Not going to buy any more. Investment in Mystery is not recommended if you aren't enough lucky LOL.

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I have had Death Quest 3 times in a row now!!! Shoot me! I have a maxed death deck and its fucking painful trying to compete with this thing.. Poison, your card has a percentage chance to inflict poison, what that percentage is and does it work correctly we'll never know because this info is not made available... Nice Rewards pull by the way!

shoot me
Percentage inflict wow nice information never knew that

what that percentage is and does it work correctly we'll never know because this info is not made available.

LOL but everything should be clear to us I've seen how Shoemanchu criticizes game but well now i understand him. Thanks for stopping by :)

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