Another Rare Reward done and dusted

in spt •  12 days ago 

Heya splinter fam's

Another Rare reward card is done and dusted. It means I just maxed out my another rare card. I have been upgrading my all rare collection for the past couple of weeks.

Skeletal Warrior is one of the best rare reward cards however it is just 2 mana so guess what I love low mana cards. I love all the 1, 2 and 3 mana cards. They can be very useful in low mana games.


Do you know what's the best ever feeling? when you upgrade your cards to max level. My new hobby is buying cards now lol :P XD


Skeletal Warrior tends to be a cool card when it comes to reducing the ranged or melee attack. Yea it has shield ability which makes it cool. A most interesting fact about its shield is it is embedded with the dark matter which has the ability to bang fear into the living. I think that point alone is enough to elaborate it well.

So this one is my new achievement of the day. Today I had a life quest which pissed me off and didn't want to post about that. I tried to sleep but couldn't so I decided to buy cards. I started exploring my card collection because I decided today I will upgrade at least one rare so there is that.

Pro tip: when your quest pissed you off then treat yourself with a nice cool card :p XD

That's all for now see ya

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