Life is beautiful because we are playing splinterlands❤️😂

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Hello, people of splinter world,

I hope everyone is enjoying splinterlands new update which hasn't been updated yet: XD. I guess from new season maybe? hmm we are going to get lesser reward cards hmm will see how it goes.

I am here to narrate the story of my previous two quests. Yesterday i wanted to post but didn't because i was stuck in something and was trying to solve and that problem was, of course, related to my studies. when i sorted out the issue it was a late night. I decided to post it later today.

Alright, I had completed two quests one with #Death and the other one with #lIfe. Well, when it comes to quests my favourite splinter is #Earth but i don't know why i am getting quests with either fire or death. But when i try to change i get water or life lol.

My next quest is already up with #Fire splinter hmm actually i got a quest with water but i changed it and got fire :P XD
I am recharging my ECR so when it will be 90+ then i will try to complete my quest.

My quests reward Cards


Not bad at all as i said life is beautiful just enjoy what you are getting :P

My recent Investment in Splinterlands

I bought to alpha cards #HauntedSpider level 1 and #SilvershieldKnight BCX 3. yep someone placed them on market pretty cheap so i grabbed the opportunity. i am just spending the money on this game and i don't even know when it will end. So my recent spending on splinterlands is just 4 steem :P XD whatever if it is just 4 steem. Investment is investment ;)


I still need 30 cards to make it level 7 damn but this card has #trample ability at level 8 hmmm 🙄
well, that's all, for now, see you guys take care.


We are neoxian's we are amazingly amazing 💪💃🤸‍♀️

Proud warrior of Neoxian Guild


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