Loving this new quest

in spt •  6 months ago 

Heya everyone wassup,


Win One tournament battle with any splinter. Umm best quest ever i guess without any pain and hassle i was able to complete this quest while playing tournament. Since i don't have maxed decks so i avoid playing gold and diamond tournaments. But i am happy i got this quest today because today is a day of bronze and silver leagues tournament. Sure when i won't have any option i will change my quest. Currently loving this quest. So amazing just 1 battle and your quest is done :P.


I see people are confused about this new quest umm, they think in order to complete this quest they have to win tournament :P Well, Rules is clearly mentioned only one battle with any splinter. but sometime when you don't read carefully it can be confusing.

Today, while playing a few battles i got fled many times. The reason might be quite funny for others but yep it's true i was so confused among so many new untamed options. I didn't realize time is running out XD. I think i have an issue i should check my all-new untamed collection by filtering out summoners. I should spend some time to figure out which monster has what abilities so there is that,
Anyways, Easy quest but reward cards are the same as always.


Sm analysts signing out see you all in next post hehe :P XD

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