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Heya Splinterfam's

The story of the day is I have decided to make a weekly post on one of my favourite #Untamed card. Yep, I will be writing about one of my favourite Untamed cards along with crazy battles.
Lately, I've been using untamed cards pretty frequently as they are awesomely awesome. I am not sure about many cards but there are some cards worth upgrading.

So let's get started because......

Hehe bitmoji might sound silly right there :P XD But I love using it in my posts so there is that XD

Alright, before peeking further on my post I'd ask one question. How do you cope in such a situation when you have plenty of choices and you have to go with the best one? How will you figure out which choice is the best for the current ruleset and battle?

In the current situation when we have plenty of choices sometimes It gets really hard to decide which card is the best. You can't use the same lineups and cards for every battle. You have to be versatile there.

For me what is the most important Runtime strategy. Shock your opponent with your strategy.

Hehe :P I want to prove this with this crazy battle

Battle link

I have shared the battle link. This battle was crazy since ruleset of the battle was Reverse speed to I used sea genie and Coral Wraith. I am highlighting Coral Wraith because this is the card which I am going to write about my favourite #unatmed Epic of the week.

As you can see in the screenshot that my opponent cards level is much higher than mine but I still won this battle. I'd give all credit to Coral Wraith. This card is best in reverse rule with its super sneak magic ability. I knew that my opponent will use water deck for reverse speed. I can easily predict my opponent's deck in some certain rules.

So, Guys let's welcome my favourite Untamed card of the week

Coral Wraith

When you look at the Lore of this card on the splinterlands page then You will know more about this card. Splinterlands says Coral Wraith is a warlock of the ocean. Umm pretty interesting.

Coral Wraith has great pact, for me its a great sea monster with amazing abilities. I can confidently say that is a destroyer of the ships (here you can assume ships as opponents monsters :P) and a great storm bringer. If you have studied about the sea creatures then you might have an idea that warlock sea monsters lurk in the deepest abyss of the oceans and this is why Coral Wraith is a warlock. It lurks and kills opponent monsters with its amazing sneak magic.

There is something more about Coral......

Stories say that they were once air breathers who grew tired of life on land. Through a magical alliance with the Mer Dark, they gave up their lives above the water forever.source

Hmm, what do you get an idea from this story? Well from the looks of Coral Wraith it's pretty obvious they might have been the land creature. But come to think of it what would have been the causes they get tired from the LAnd. The reason could be the sea life would be more attractive than Land Life. Anyways whatever the good thing is I also love Aqua life if only I had that magical alliance so I would love to follow the Coral wraith as well :p XD

In the screenshot, you can see my Coral Wraith is just level 1 I need 3 more for level 2 but If I have to upgrade this card then I will upgrade it to level 4. At level 4 it will get another ability which is dust. So far dust ability is the most annoying ability yes I have suffered because of this ability so I know how important is that.


Dang, this game is really a game of rich people :P Now look at this card if you want to upgrade this card to level 6 then you need it 46 BCX and 1 BCX Coral Wraith costs almost 1.5$ so now multiply 1.5 x 46==> 69$ XD

But if I want it at Level 4 then still I need 10 Bcx Coral Wraith so I think It will take time Sigh

That's all fr now. see y'all around keep splintering have fun.

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Oh! I love this! (You doing a weekly post about an Untamed card)

I dunno if I'd wanna live underwater... in fact, if you know me, I do not. 🤣 There are MONSTERS down there! Like the Coral Wraith! 😱



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