Not every season brings Goldfoil, Not every battle is worth winning 😉

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Heya wassup,

Whoops, so dramatic and poetic title of my post XD. Yes, wanted to give it some poetic touch. Do you know what is the most amazing thing? writing a post while listening to music :P. Lately, i have been addicted to some slow rhythm romantic songs hehe.

My mood is pretty nice today so when my mood is good i bake a cake. I have tried cheesecake many times but there is always something lacking. I am very fond of baking. In other words passionate hobby XD. Gonna bake Salted caramel cheeseckae. If i succeed in baking it up properly then i will share pictures.

Anyways this post is not about my baking it's about splinterlands. I am not going to dip any monster into the chocolate and not going to bake that monster :P

You guys might have been wondering about my post title so let me tell you i got this idea from something i was thinking while listening to music.

I will be sharing that thought at the end of this post.

This season is pretty slow though. 7 days left and i am still wandering in gold1 well, i am doing this on purpose.

But it seems my purpose has been failed. I am getting maxed deck opponents in gold1 league WTH LOL

Anyways, today i got fire quest but i instantly changed my quest and got Earth splinter. i was happy i got my favourite splinter but still, there was enough struggle XD

My Quest reward Cards


GoldFoil Archer saved my day or i should say saved my struggle.

My recent investment in splinterlands


I made my #TwistedJester level 5 to level 6. Monsters are getting expensive day by day and i am trying to upgrade them ASAP. I spent almost 15k decs then i was able to make it level 6.

Today i won one battle against level 1 cards this is why i said not every battle is worth winning and This archer is my first gold foil of this season this is why i said not every season brings gold foil :P hope i have made some sense if not then oh well :P XD


A thought which made me create this title

Not Every queen is loving, Not every king is Loyal ;)

today i gave this Friday a name which is winking Friday :P XD so let's wink together and happy winking Friday ;)

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