Overnight the whole game of splinterlands has changed

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Heya everyone wassup,

Wishing a very happy Sunday.

Ummm, Seriously for me it's really hard to digest what exactly happened :P XD. If i say the whole story of splinterlands has changed in one night, so it would not be wrong to say that.

Yes, i am talking about #Untamed release.

And so many new rules and most importantly daily quests. Today when i logged in splinterland page in order to activate my today's quest i gots this Quest.


Only 3 battles without Neutral monsters. It seems easy but it's not easy for a person like me who is addicted to #LordArianthus :P XD.

I have won 2 battles but yet to win 1 more. But the irony is i am getting maxed level opponents. So i thought let me write my post and while writing I'll keep trying to win one last battle. What i loved most about this Quest is you can go with any deck. So yea now we can even use #Selenia and #Daria. So amazing, on the one hand, if i am loving all the new changes, on the other hand, i am confused while selecting my monsters for battle. After opening Untamed packs i am lost among so many new cards. Game is going to get more interesting, thrilling. Untamed cards are so cool. I am yet to check all the new abilities of the new monster. I am very bad at remembering Monsters names and now it's going to be more tough :P.

The first task is knowing about new abilities.

One more Interesting Quest :P XD Wait let me show


Amazingly amazing quest i would say :P yea you can easily win 1 tournament battle and with any splinter. Oh man, i am loving all these new changes.
Finally, my quest is done n dusted

Quest Reward cards


So pathetic, Lately, I've been quite unlucky with my season reward cards, Quest and even with Untamed. : XD

That's all for now. I will be back with my #Untamed post. Yes will show what i got out of 110 packs till then see ya take care

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Haha, I’m so confused by all the new cards also... I’ve been testing a few ones out and getting kinda better now 😂

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That quest with no neutrals is actually hard. It's difficult to not pick neutral monsters just by force of habit. I'm still trying to figure everything out myself. It does feel like a whole new game.