It's Time for December SPUD 8!

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The end of November is here and the last month of the year is coming... As you may already know, every first day of a month we have a SPUD event on STEEM, and in December, 1st it will be #SPUD8. I was participating in the SPUD 7 and I have won the 2nd prize, which was a very nice 21-day SteemPower delegation.


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Just a short reminder about SPUD and what it is.

SPUD is short for Steem Power Up Day and it is an event organized by @streetstyle (check out his profile page and follow him) and it is held every 1st day of a month. The idea is that everyone Power Up some amount of STEEM that has, stop Powering Down for at least that day (if someone has active) and cancel trading orders on the exchanges... Behind the idea is laying another idea that this could help with the price of Steem...

To make this event juicier, the creator of the event has found a bunch of sponsors who will give some nice rewards for the best ranked "SPUDERS". The winner of the SPUD event is the Steemian that has made the biggest Steem Power up PERCENTAGE, not the biggest Power Up. Also, there is not just one winner, there are 4 more winners by rankings.

Last month, I have asked my friend @gadrian to remind me on the day of #SPUD... Now, it's my turn to return the favor... :) Hey, @gadrian, will you participate in this SPUD?

Check out detailed rules and rewards in the official SPUD 8 post.

So, why won't you help the community and maybe win some of these great prizes? I will participate in this one also, but I doubt in winning... It's important to participate and support this awesome platform and community!


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You made a massive Spud last time Zoltan, good luck in this one too, I just bought more CTP so I am very low on liquid Steem now, just over 1 Steem left, but my own SP is over 1k and increasing with all SP payouts, keep up your awesome work.

Yes, I was... And that's why I don't have high hopes for this round... But, I want to participate and give an example for powering up... Every STEEM counts... ;)
Thanks for your comment!

Great example of solidarity for the Steem Blockchain and its member network. Kudos!!!! #spud8

We can't always win... :)


I will be in SPUD8 this time :D

Yeah!!! Great to see you in the comments and in the #SPUD8!

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Thanks for your comment. Of course that you can follow me!

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