Burn Tribe Tokens with Custom Badges on Nitrous

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Hey Tribe owners! Good news. Wizard Eon has been able to tap into condenser code and made adding your own custom badges on your Nitrous page relatively simple. It's so simple I could do it.


Why do I need a badge?

Badges are great types of advertising. Anyone who sees your profile can know what you're up to. So, if you're running a concert, a witness, doing a meetup, or working on Splinterlands.io people that interact with you will see this badge. It could be a website that you're directing people to. It could just let people know you're a backup witness working on a cool project. It could let people know what guild you are in on splintertalk.io. It can also just be a joke or effectively a bumper sticker like: TAXIFICATION IS THEFTIFICATION.

Nitrous Implementation

We're going to have two main phases of this: initiation and automation.

To start we're going to allow tribe owners to update these files manually. It's relatively simple. You edit the file on github, you type aggroed: 'banished to Hades' and that'll appear as the new badge. So, for now, tribe owners that want to do this can manually accept payment and manually edit the github file to let people add badges.

When this thing levels up it'll be in the automation phase. We'll build an interface on steem-engine.com. People that want to add badges will be able to select the tribe, see the fee, pay it, and we'll automatically update github so that the badge magically appears. We're very strong advocates of burning the fee rather than accepting it, but we'll leave that up to tribe owners.

We have some basic rules around badges like no racial slurs, no threats of violence, no suggestions of self harm, no bullying. Basically, don't intentionally cause harm to others. We'll take things down that are against that spirit and always reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban users from posting/earning if they can't follow very low level decency rules. Refunds won't be issued in these cases. There is no appeal.

But what about badging someone else?

This is a slippery slope to madness, but it might be fun. So, for tribes that want to allow users to put badges on for other people that's going to be a call made by the tribe owners. So, if you want to slap a badge on your buddy that says "Happy Birthday brah" or on your hated enemy that says "lacks decency" that'll be up to tribe owners.

If you don't like what someone has written you can always pay to change it to whatever you want, pay to change theirs, and thus the badge wars and the great tribe token conflagration was created...

Starting with PAL

I'm planning on facilitating this personally on PALnet to see what happens. If you'd like to buy a PALnet badge

  1. Burn 100 PAL (send it to @null) and include a note "Badge Burn"
  2. Find the transaction on your steem-engine.rocks page by going to steem-engine.rocks/@yourusername and screen shot the transfer you made to @null
  3. Head into PALnet discord at minnowpond.org, go into the #help channel, and leave a note with your steem name, badge text you're requesting, and screenshot of the pal burning.
  4. Give us a day to manually process your request.

Cost to Tribe owners

This is enabled for all tribes now. You're free to do it manually now. If you need help we're charging 100 burned STEEM for our time to answer questions and help you figure this out. Please put "steem-engine.com badge burn" in the memo when burning.

If you need the help setting this up, please burn 100 steem (send to @null), and contact @eonwarped in your tribe chats on Discord starting with a tx id for the burn.

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You want badges?

Here's a simple ui for tracking incoming burn transactions - it searches transactions to null with the parameters you set, and then links the github file each tribe needs to edit, and feeds you the format needed for that file :)

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Out of curiosity, could this same system be used as personal filters or something.

For example, could I buy Tags on my profile that could be used to sort my posts, or could they be used as search engine terms and when people search they might chance upon my blog in some way. Pay to have buttons and features created on my blog, or for statistics and analytics.

Or, if I buy tags for my blog like "photography, writing, life" could I appear higher in the search results for when people are searching for something related?

I don't know if this makes sense and not sure if this is a good usecase, but I am wondering if these bought tags could be used for more than the label in some way.

Will tag @eonwarped here.

This is all gonna go supernova. IMHO Steemit and the Tribe system is the frontrunner for a functioning Web 3.0

Also the burning of coins associated with Proof of Stake (PoS) is so efficient and benefits everyone: "It is possible to have negative net issuance, where a portion of transaction fees is "burned" and so the supply goes down over time...Significant advantages of PoS include security, reduced risk of centralization, and energy efficiency. There's no need to consume large quantities of electricity in order to secure a blockchain (eg. it's estimated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum burn over $1 million worth of electricity and hardware costs per day as part of their consensus mechanism."


ima get da cookie monsta badge

Reading this just after I staked a chunk of PAL. Saving up starting now :)

Will this be available for SCOTpeak instance, or just Nitrous ?

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This looks good, real good. Badges have countless uses plus the more STEEM burnt the better 😃👍🏽

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Since you've been talking about burning Steem and tokens a lot lately, I'm wondering if you're planning to add Splinterland Guild Buildings that burn SPT or maybe even Steem to level up?

  • 태그 작성 가이드라인 준수는 콘텐츠 관리와 글에 대한 접근성을 높이기 위해 반드시 필요한 절차입니다. ( It is an essential step to adhere tags guideline, manage content and make access better to your postings.)

  • 스팀코인판에서 활용 가능한 태그는 크게 [보상태그 / 언어태그/ 주제태그]로 구분할 수 있습니다. 보상태그와 언어태그는 필수입니다.(Tags that can be largely grouped into [Main Community / Language / Topic] in community. The language and topic tags are required.)

(예) 한국어로 작성한 자유 주제 포스팅((E.g) Posting for free topic in English)


  • 태그 작성 가이드라인을 준수하는 것이 태그 사용을 규제하는 정책보다 스팀코인판의 가치를 높이는 길이라고 생각합니다.(We believe that adhering tags guideline is a way to increase the value of SteemCoinpan community than that of forcing tags limitations.)


// 1,2,3, gute Laune //

Thé roof, thé roof is on fire
Burn, burn ...

Really good way getting steemians to interact with followers

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Palnet looks like it need some more work on it :)

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I would love to be reminded again who made this art

and why arent they working on a full featured animated short using all the most popular tribes?