Down for Maintenance

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Well, actually, the node crashed is what it seems like. We'll get it back up as soon as we can. Data is safe. May take a replay. Enjoy your day and try not to sweat it too much. All the data is on the blockchain. It'll be back up as soon as we can.

Sorry for the inconvenience. In our defense the api node going down has been a rare occurrence. I can't remember the last one.

This effects tribes as well. There is no new new content able to go on tribes until it's back up and running.


Definitely a decline rewards post.. Where else does "we are experiencing technical difficulties " informative message earn LMFAO! Shameless what a fucking joke

Are one or more downvotes well deserved?


Yes enough to zero this out are deserving imho

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Nice to keep us updated.
Oh, and it's nice to earn a few bucks on a way doing that.

Oh, and it's nice to earn a few bucks on a way doing that.

That's the reason of my downvote. ;)


Damn it.

Thank you for the prompt update

You don't have a backed nodes to create resilence?

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bahhh! i will look forward to the aggy hour later tonight where you explain in triplicate where we dont have an alternate node or some sort of gizmo like wat breeze got...


That's happen due to steem-engine is not decentralized. That why we need true decentralized SMT.

It's also the most poorly designed shit on the entire internet..

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Funds are SAFU? :D

So, this is the reason why the Trendo (TRDO) market part of the Steem Engine is not loading today afternoon/evening. Now, I know.

Bug Report: People I "Unfollowed" are still showing up in my tribe feed. I gave it a couple of days hoping the bug would go away but it's still there.

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