Tribes: Hard times approved

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I'm mostly showing off the art I commissioned from @candycal for Tribes. I think of my tribe as my hard times compadres. The people that when the zombie apocolapyse comes that I'll try to hide out with. These are the people that I spend my time with, look to for ideas and support, and try to work with as much as possible as I'm trying to enact my vision.

Hopefully you can see yourself in the Tribe and how you too can fit in like clockwork.

We've had a ton of tribes forming and I have a few more coming on soon. One of the things I'm hoping to get out sorta soon is a way to get account creation rolling for everyone. I also need a way to make payments using Tribe tokens simpler.

Sales advice: Anything you want people to do you have to make as easy as possible to do for them

I want to see businesses and communities form on the Steem blockchain. To do that I have to make things easy. Right now the two hardest parts are still onboarding new users. I'm still kicking myself I didn't push harder for Discount Account Creation Tokens to be fungible. Now we're stuck with a silly system where you can't trade them and only certain accounts can be reliable account creators...

Anyway, we need account creation to onboard the masses. So, I'm trying to get that nailed down. We already have the account keys/authority for any of the tribes. So, I'd like to see us claiming tokens on their behalf. Then we'll figure out a way to burn their token to create a new account.

I also want to see businesses have a much easier time adding tools to the site to get paid in Steem and Steem-Engine tokens. I'm tyring to work out a few different approaches. We'll see what sticks, but if I can manifest these two changes then I'll have done my job to make it easier for groups to come here, make accounts en masse, and figure out how to get things paid for.

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Thank you very much @aggroed for the great job you are doing. I love joining splinterland, but do not know much about gaming, but will try, love it how it is interesting. Thank you once again!

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Yes and @aggroed these are not hard times, i think these are the best times for steem., never before has steem technology been this advanced.

Price does not matter. we just need to pay for 1 million new accounts

I have 500 and I only have 2.6K SP... honestly this shouldnt be that hard @steem and @steemit needs to just use by @pharesim

You do a lot of good stuff for the community. Keep it up!

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I have 300+ Account creation tokens burning a hole. The Adelaide bot, @frogcake has similar.
RC Delegation might suffice long term, but I'd love to see a market for them in Steem-engine.

we have one its called INV let me buy them

I am paying 0.5 steem per INV, ill give yu 0.25 steem each for all 300 of your account links even tho they are not tokenized like the INV from

You have brought new life and new thinking to an otherwise dry technology! Bravo!

To have a business that has products (as opposed to services), you would need a shopping cart feature and a catalog feature. Of course, there’s the Facebook model where every other post is an ad (boo!)... Perhaps the Etsy model would work?

I show My friend how to buy DEC at market yesterday. Banktransfer to coinbase. Coinbase buy eth. Send eth in blocktrades to steemit. Send to steemengine. Buy Dec.
I can understand he Think it is to difficult to play steemmonsters.
So as easier it can be - that good

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you can just buy DEC directly off @steemmonster website with paypal cant you? I know you can buy cards like that and you can convert cards to DEC

Yes you can buy boostrrpack But not singelcard at market with PayPal. Or?

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LOL you cant spend $2 on a pack? come on, there comes a point where we cant sgo down to like letting people buy pennies worth of tokens with fiat lol

Yes I can. But If My friend wants a green summoner. The way is this

  1. Buy a betapack (get card value about 1.0 usd hopefully)
  2. Make cards to dec
  3. Send to steemengine
  4. Trade to steem
  5. Send back
  6. By that summoner

So yes it is possible ...

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Greetings, @aggroed

Excelent, notice, man!!! thank you a lot for help steem community!!!

have a good night

#battle #spt #steemace

Would love to see easy near instant account creations! Lower the barriers! You've got the right idea. This will make communities much more marketable to the outside universe 🙏

That costs money and we will always be charging tribe creators for steem accounts, until someone starts using their RC @steem @steemit or @elipowell wakes up and realizes she must pay for instant account creation for anyone downloading the STEEMWALLET by @roelandp unless they are going to make a steem mobile wallet and dapp browser.; so as long as roeland has the only one then steemit inc better start throwing free accounts or SP his way for account creation.

I appreciate that you're still working hard as hell on Steem, I'm still here

Hi, @aggroed!

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You're doing a swell job, I'm sure of that. But pls take a look at this POST and tell me whether you can do something about that.