Two Years on Steemit! And Seven Months of Growing SP Using Faucets!

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February 8th, 2020 marked two years since I joined the STEEM platform through Steemit. I'm not much of a social media person, but Steem(it) somehow managed to pull me in, and is still the social network website that I'm most active on (though I haven't been very active this year). Something I haven't stopped doing, though, is to use cryptocurrency faucet websites and convert my earnings to STEEM through BlockTrades. I began this experiment in 2019, as a way to help increase my SP. February 12th, 2020 marks seven months since I've begun growing SP through faucet earnings. This experiment has gotten me 131.571 SP just from the faucet earnings, or 160.300 SP if I also consider other earnings not coming from post rewards, like return on SP delegations. Details about the earnings from the previous month are below.

Drawing of three coins

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

I had been making around 13,000 satoshi per week from the faucets while the crypto prices were down. With Bitcoin and other crypto prices in general going up from the end of January onwards, the faucet payouts gradually decreased (they apparently pay users in crypto but based on USD values, so the more cryptos are worth, the less crypto is needed to reach the same USD values), and I couldn't keep my average of 13k satoshi earnings per week. My earnings for the month were:

  • Week 1: 11,167 satoshi, traded for 5.618 STEEM (Steemd transaction link).
  • Week 2: 11,555 satoshi, traded for 6.104 STEEM (Steemd link).
  • Week 3: 11,100 satoshi, traded for 5.583 STEEM (Steemd link).
  • Week 4: 10,851 satoshi, traded for 5.316 STEEM (Steemd link).
  • Total faucet earnings in the month: 22.621 STEEM.

Aside from the faucet earnings, I've also been powering up what I get from my small investments in the platform, such as SP delegations and holding QuratorTokens (tokens that give us daily STEEM payouts). In these last four weeks, the earnings from these were:

  • Week 1: 1.032 STEEM from my 171 SP delegation to the Brazilians project (a group that supports the Brazilian community), and 0.217 STEEM for holding around 18 QuratorTokens.
  • Week 2: 1.032 STEEM from the delegation and 0.217 STEEM from the QuratorTokens.
  • Week 3: 1.033 STEEM from the delegation and 0.219 STEEM from the QuratorTokens.
  • Week 4: 1.033 STEEM from the delegation and 0.224 STEEM from the QuratorTokens.
  • Total from investments in the month: 5.007 STEEM.

Faucets + Investments:

  • Week 1: 6.867 STEEM.
  • Week 2: 7.353 STEEM.
  • Week 3: 6.835 STEEM.
  • Week 4: 6.573 STEEM.
  • Total: 27.628 STEEM.

And the overall totals from all months until now:

Total from all months so far (faucets only):

  • Month 1: 6.416 STEEM.
  • Month 2: 6.307 STEEM.
  • Month 3: 14.718 STEEM.
  • Month 4: 20.180 STEEM.
  • Month 5: 28.498 STEEM.
  • Month 6: 32.831 STEEM.
  • Month 7: 22.621 STEEM.
  • Total powered up only from faucets since this experiment's beginning: 131.571 STEEM.

Overall (faucets + delegations + QuratorTokens):

  • Month 1: 8.382 STEEM.
  • Month 2: 8.878 STEEM.
  • Month 3: 18.601 STEEM.
  • Month 4: 24.877 STEEM.
  • Month 5: 34.036 STEEM.
  • Month 6: 37.898 STEEM.
  • Month 7: 27.628 STEEM.
  • Total powered up from this experiment since its beginning: 160.300 STEEM.

For the first time, the monthly earning numbers were less than in the previous months. But again, the crypto prices are way higher now, and STEEM is trading at around 0.21 USD (it had been around 0.13 USD the previous months), which means I earned less crypto but they're actually worth more. The rise in crypto prices also means that the SP accumulated during all these months is worth more, which is a good thing.

If anyone else is interested in growing SP through faucet earnings and would like to use the faucet websites I'm using, here's a post with more details and tips, and here's a short interview with a few more tips.

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Hi @Aiyumi. It's really nice to come back and find interesting posts like yours. I really liked the clever ways you found to increase your steem and registered on some of the sites you recommend in the other posts. Thanks for sharing!

Hi! I remember you from your post series about manga drawing techniques :D . It's been a while since then...

I'm glad that you found my experiment interesting and also decided to try it. I hope it helps you too!

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