Steem is showing a good growth

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Today morning I casually checked the price of Steem and I was really very happy. It looks like Steem is pumping along with the pump of Bitcoin and BCH. There are many rumors going around about some big news. It can either be about Steem or about There are also some tweets going around about this new thing that is going to come.


On coinmarketcap website Steem is at position 70 right now if we filter it based on the market cap. This is really a very good news. I'm not sure what news is going to come or it can just be a rumour and fade away. But the good thing about this rumor is that it increases the price of Steem. This is the most wonderful thing that any Steem investor can get.

The current price of Steem is around 0.28$. Do you think this is the right time to invest on Steem? I personally feel that this is still a good price to buy and accumulate Steem. After a very long time the market cap is about to reach 100M $. We either get the big news or don't get the big news, this is fun to see Steem pumping. I wish to see Steem hit 1$ somehow this year. Hope the price stabilizes at 0.28$ for now and hope it shouldn't go below 0.25$ again.

I'm thinking of doing a small cashout when the price of Steem hits 0.50$ because I bought some Steem when the price was around 0.25$. If that happens that will be the first time, I try to cash out something from this platform. Let's hope for the best. 😀


Steem is improving but, how far this growth remains stable matters.

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Yes with the current situation in place, we cannot predict anything.

I cashed out some yesterday. And power down is underway not to miss out on any chances. Let's see what happens.

Invest pannathukku etha labam vancha bro ? Vanthrukkum nu nenaikrn

Yeah.. I got some profit.

Super bro. Price is down again. I'm not going to do any cash out unless the price reached 0.4$ at least.

If everything goes well, steem is likely to come back to touch its previous heights. It is quite natural to think not to sell the coins when the price chart moves up and current price shows $0.4

We must have a sound knowledge of the market to make profit. If we were wise enough to take good decisions, our wallets would have read 2 or 3x of what it shows now, that too without having to put daily efforts on making contents!

Yes very true bro. I know many people who are already making enough with their trading skills. I couldn't do much of trading to be honest. I'm not a trading guy. Hoping to soon learn some tricks to grab some good profits. Let's see. 😀

Thalaivare romba naalukku munnadiye invest pannitingla pola 😅

Ama bro. Join panna pudhusulaye panniten. 😀

ya it's growing pretty good 🤞👍👌

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