Un upvote or liquid steem ?

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Recently I was running a few contests where I was distributing steem. I did that for comments, for watching my videos and even for resteems. But, the engagement there was really low. Then I created the post about upvoting upto $4 for those who promote my video in twitter and you know what, steemians were active there much more.

It seems that we are too related to upvotes and we don't care that much about liqud steem ?! That's really crazy. Even when I proposed more steem than that upvote give, people prefered the upvote anyway. lol

So, are most steemians here more to be seen and to grow their reputation or they are here for money ?

Maybe we just value now the upvote much more than steem itself. ☺

What do you think about this ? Do you prefer to be well upvoted or to earn steem directly ?

I will run also a poll in twitter, so you can participate in it :

We have a big community in twitter promoting steem, follow me there : https://twitter.com/Clixmoney1


I prefer to be well upvoted. In theory the more upvotes the more reputation and in the long run the more Steem. I don't have a lot of time to go around looking for Steem giveaways, but I do have time to post. I'm here for the reputation and for the money.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Actually upvote and steem has their respective strengths. If Upvote provides more benefits but many people choose it. A low Steem value is actually an important point for the future. We can do power ups. I am sure we are all on the side for a road to prosperity together with reputation and money.

Thanks for sharing your point of view.

My pleasure @clixmoney

Upvote today, because it means much more today....
Money will come when it will matter... Now, it's a time for building!

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