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RE: "Sun's Folly" will be taught in future blockchain business schools

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Dear @apshamilton

will be taught as a compulsory topic in the blockchain business schools of the future.

There is a saying "you need to people to dance tango". And it's very true saying. I don't think that constant putting blame on one party in this conflict can help us.

It's obvious that witnesses and many whales were hostile from the very beginning and this soft fork escalated conflict. Justin surely brought it to another level. Right now I would say "it's a draw". It's a great time to negotiate and use current leverage.

But will witnesses be willing to understand Justin (he is from completely different culture)? OR will narrative "us versus him" be promoted even more? Soon we will learn.

The fact that ddos attacks on Steemit were taking place (I think it's clear to assume that it's not Justin, but his "enemies" were behind it). Steemauto is down. People who will suffer the most from this fight - will be us, small regular users. That's how I see it at the moment :(

The first lesson students will learn is that decentralised blockchains based on real active communities and open-source software cannot be taken over by a pure financial corporate type play.

Anyway, for the first time ever STEEM is kind of decentralized. Until now we only had group of 20 witnesses, and they all were part of one group. It's like having democracy and 90% politicians are from one team.

Yours, Piotr


It is not "another culture" it is the crypto culture and we are all a part of it. Those of us who are in crypto want decentralization and to control our own income. It is crypto culture he needs to learn, not us having to learn about his upbringing (though it would be beneficial), he is the one who bought a crypto dapp, he is the one who needs to adjust.

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