Let's take our blockchain back! Calling on the Community

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Calling the Community


Let's get these sock puppet top 20 out and get our original top 20 back in so we can reclaim our blockchain. Since we have been taken over, and our witnesses have been pushed out and replaced by a group of random people that can't even update the price feeds, we as a community need to come together and vote our witnesses back into the top 20.

If you aren't aware, here is the short of what happened:

Justin Sun collaborated with some of the exchanges and the exchanges powered up liquid Steem and is voting witnesses using funds that is not owned by them to try and control the blockchain. Binance has backed down and removed their proxy after being called out on Twitter. It is nice to see big players in the crypto community like Vitalik Buterin calling out Justin Sun for what he is doing to the Steem Blockchain.

We as a community can get through this and take our blockchain back from those that seek to damage what we have spent years building.


This is beautiful to watch!
Lets get @good-karma in the top 20 next!

Hope this helps.

Every vote helps. Thanks for voting.

Glad the witnesses I voted in the past are placed 1 & 2 now!
I'll see if I can vote some others too, but I don't know them all...

I wish I could vote twice!

You and me both.

Crazy stuff... 😳

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This type of support from our awesome community is why I didn’t stress much at all yesterday after the collusion incident. It sure is beautiful to watch us each be able to help make a change together.

It's good to see this kind of post. Yesterday evening was the knee jerk 'fuck that guy' reaction. Its looking like we can do something about this now...

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Well said, I am new here and I quickly had to figure out the good guys from the bad and while I only have 7K vested Steem it was still something I could use to do my bit. So I hopefully got my witness votes right and helped to re-instate 7 of the good guys.

Even now I am still shocked at what exchanges like Binance got involved with in supporting Jason Sun's attempted hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain. It's almost quite satisfying to see Ned come into Discord, as he did last night, in desperation mode doing anything he could to help get some liquid Steem back onto those exchanges and returned to customers!

He was also trying to persuade the top witnesses to allow Justin and Tron a veto power - I was like seriously?

I did vote non-Tron witnesses for Steem and yet you still want to attack me for trying to save your life from COVID? I hate Justin Sun too. So, why are you against me when we both have the same enemy?

lol, instead of actually replying to my comment on your post that I flagged, you come here. Good for you voting on the non-Tron witnesses. I dont need you trying to save my life with your COVID post. Like I told you in my comment on your post, the reason I flagged it was because you are spamming your post link around discord channels.

People should simply kick me off those Discord servers, then problem solved. I'm trying to save people as nine people died some miles from my house in Washington State. That is in the Seattle area. That scares me. So, I am trying to warn people. But you can flag me because I am a scared little boy. You can mute me. Why? Because I am just a crazy conspiracy theorist. You gotta know that I listen to Alex Jones, the Gay Frog. So, I must be very sick. Maybe you can pray for me and encourage people to kick me out of their Discord channels. I will continue to encourage more people to vote for witnesses on Steem. I do not consider what I try to do to be spam. I consider it to be trying to spread the word on things that really matter including how 5G is giving children cancer. I tell people how bad Facebook and other tech cartels can be. The list goes on and on and on.

Now, I do try to limit how often I share links to my posts everywhere on the Internet. But when millions of people may die in the world or even just in America alone before July of 2020 or some say May, including the details in that recent @stefan.molyneux video, then I feel a certain amount of duty to spread the word. And I try not to do that every day and I may discontinue from doing that for the next few months until another big global thing comes along. I just wanted to make sure I was on the record saying what I said months before things begin to accelerate as thing have been the past three or more months and I want to be on the record to increase my credibility as that helps educate people to give people more choices in life and knowledge is power as they would say on School House Rock.

People should simply kick me off those Discord servers, then problem solved.

Or you can just behave like a normal person.