Fund Power Up Activated! Just in time for the STEEM price pump!

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Last night right after the post, we got two wonderful notices here at the fund.

A wonderful and timely rebate from the @steemmonsters and SplinterLands team! An interesting calculation can be made, below - at what steem price would this rebate pay for the whole pack?

$2.29 steem!

In the mean time, big things are happening behind the steems. Legendary marketeeer Justin Sun and Ned might be in cahoots!

The second exciting news is that we learned a bit more about our flaggers automation. When we recieved a vote from Aggroed on our pack purchase - we triggered a 4th 100% downvote from our friend in a single day! It appears that any post or even comment that gets enough rshares will trigger a 100% downvote :) We are really eating into his curation rewards now!

This isn't advice. Its History. Think for yourself.

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Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Good. I hope they all turn out profitable.

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Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @ecoinstats.

Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!

O I am with you in wanting to eat up his downvote.

Nice calculation on Powerup.

Not sure TRON buying Steemit Inc will be good or bad for once in a while writers like me. But Steem price is steadily increasing, so, seems to be a good move for Steem.