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RE: Steem climbs the ranks in latest CCID Ratings coming in at #6

in #steem2 years ago

That is pretty funny that Steem ranks badly for application.
They don't know the power of decentralized custom JSON.
I guess we have to show real results rather than speculation.


They probably just look at the dwindling alexa ranks or some other website/traffic metrics and think that application is going to go away, so it needs a new one. Powering SMTs should give it a pretty good application!

Yeah there are a lot of false metrics out there.

The funny thing about SMTs is that they don't really do anything. You can still give Steem fundamental value with custom JSON alone. The problem is that fundamental gains made in this way are difficult to monetize and capture value from. Enter SMTs, problem solved.

I still think gaming is where we should be looking, but SMT also solves that. It is a lot easier to get a game to integrate their own SMT than sell them on using steem itself.

Yes, SMT also opens up the gateway to advanced smart-contracts, which is obviously not a trivial gain.