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RE: "Sun's Folly" will be taught in future blockchain business schools

in #steemlast year

Personally this is going to go down into many future classes on lessons about blockchain technology.

Totally agree due-diligence really sounds like it was skimmed over, Justin did not do his homework.

@CharlieShrem (Twitter)
Jun 18, 2018
“Protecting” “punishing”. No. No one gets to decide those things. You are hair swapping 1 nation state for another one, albeit a digital one. This is the point of crypto, no one should have that power. If you do, then we should just stop wasting everyone’s time.

First good indicator is a meeting has taken place, discussions will hopefully lean toward growing Steem. Decentralized - Power to the People is not purchased by big money (Corporate thinking).

Did not know about the FB and Google, missed this somehow, Oh the powers that be, living in high pedestals really are missing the mark when banning advertising or manipulating for profit in their own interests.

Thanks for interesting assessment, exciting and interesting times we live in.