Steem - It appears not everyone will be leaving for HIVE...

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It appears not everyone in the community will be migrating over to HIVE...

If you haven't heard by now, the steem blockchain is about to be forked.

Yes, forked is "an F word", but not "the F word".

All it really means is that the steem blockchain will continue basically is as, while a new blockchain will branch off starting it's own history from the time of the fork, forward.

The forked blockchain will be called HIVE.

HIVE will have all of the history that is currently on the steem blockchain up to the time of the fork.

Once the fork actually happens though, they will operate as two separate independent blockchains.

Confused yet?

You shouldn't be.

It all sounds more confusing that it really is.

All you need to know is that at some point in the future there will be a snapshot taken of your steem account and the holdings as of that point in time will show up on the newly forked HIVE blockchain.

The date of the snapshot is expected to be announced later today at some point.

More on the specifics can be seen here:

There is also some juicy tidbits in the comment section for those willing to scroll through all of them.

Not all the largest players will be moving...

In a surprising announcement, it looks like @theycallmedan will not be moving over to HIVE, at least not initially.

He just tweeted this a few minutes ago:


1240046275187228673) twitter metadata:VGhleWNhbGxtZURhbl98fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vVGhleWNhbGxtZURhbl8vc3RhdHVzLzEyNDAwNDYyNzUxODcyMjg2NzMpfA== ~~~

This doesn't say flat out that Dan will not be moving over ever, but it sounds like Dan plans on continuing the fight with Justin on the main steem chain at this point in time.


Dan is one of, if not the largest actual investor steem has seen, well outside of Justin Sun that is, depending on what he actually paid for his stake.

Dan has sunk millions of dollars into steem and as he mentioned, this has become personal for him.

He also mentioned that he has been in discussions with Sun recently and doesn't think all is lost with steem just yet, more can be read about that in the link to his twitter pasted above.

What will you do when the fork actually happens?

Will you be following many in the community and moving over to HIVE?

Or, will you be sticking around on steem and seeing what Justin Sun can do now that he has full control of things?

(there is a very good chance that when people leave for HIVE, Justin will haven enough power to control the Top 20 witness spots)

Or or, will you be going back and forth between both chains?

Or or or, will you be fighting the good fight with Dan not allowing Justin to take control?

Let me know your thoughts below.

Stay informed my friends.



Initially, hedge my bets and post to both, but with a bias for Hive in the long run. I think Steem will die and Dan will move over with the rest.

Interesting. Ill try and do a little botg but want to protect decentralization

I think I can be on both.

Well, it is really an intelligent move I'd say. We'll have fights in all fronts. It's good because this will let HIVE with more time and so overcome the initial phase more easily.

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@theycallmedan has put a lot and seems he is definitely not letting it go to Justin and may power up more to fight, which is a good move. It will be good to support him and fight along with him, because, once hive is forked, we will anyway have our share. So we can be at both places.

From the posting perspective it will cost not too much posting on both chains.
The following and voting perspective may be more difficult to handle.
Interesting will be, if the games and services with #STEEM in their names will decide on which chain to reside, or to build up on both chains with a #STEEM version plus a #HIVE version.
If both chains stay successful, wow, we all would have doubled crypto capital.
All in one we have something to do in this disease shutdown period ..... .

Interesting. I wasn't sure what to do with my STEEM, but if he's on a crusade of some sort, I'll just leave it powered up and proxy to him.

Sell bro.

It's not simple binary choice... For some people presence in Steemit website is requirement mandated by job. I assume some people stay in both to see where each project go after the fork.

Or or or, will you be fighting the good fight with Dan not allowing Justin to take control?

I just don't see a mathematical way of winning in this system, for Dan, unfortunatley - Justins pockets are deeper and stake size is everything. For now.

Enjoy my parting volley...

I will not power down and be on both chains.

Am a little bit confused.
Will this hive of a thing affect the price of steem negatively?

Possibly. People that want to leave steem will probably be selling steem after the snapshot date in order to buy more hive.

So I should power down

Up to you. You will get hive airdropped whether you are powered up or down. Doesn't matter.

That's cool

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