I will soon buy 1 BTC of STEEM or less.

in steem •  2 months ago 

Im taking a part in an free way to make some cash from Bibox. This stuff runs since months but now they allow to buy back 2 days (if you miss) with BIX token so finally i made it.


Anyone can mind a day or two. So now you have to login every 24h for 30 days and get a reward. Now you can pay BIX (which costs cents) to make up for lost days.

So This is free money guide:

  • register with no documents to BiBox
  • if you ever lose a day buy BIX for like 0.3 USD
  • claim daily for 30 days
  • see what you win

All my winnings i will exchange to STEEM to get more power.

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Now thats a true believer in Steem. I love it :)

That's interesting! Is it a legit offer? And do you have a referral link? If you do drop the link, I'll use your link to sign up.