Steemconnect issues and some main thoughts

in #steemlast year

I did post on Busy and it didnt want to go live. Sadly i thought ill re-login and.. now i cant access it.

If you are logged with Steemconnect anywhere right now i suggest to copy-paste the article and post using other platform. Mine stays there for now as i did not have a copy.

Long, long ago 2-3 years often (by often i mean, once 2 months) Steemit was failing and you were losing articles. Back then we had the sense to copy paste before clicking "live". Now i didnt happen to me since ages on any platform (and no stress, busy has it as draft) but still shows its good to copy content at least to clickboard.

I could now just paste it here and write something else on Busy when its back.

Another thing is, about Steemconnect we also have Steem Keychain. May be a good idea to implement this as 2nd login option? Never good to rely just on 1 service same as we dont rely on one frontend now.

And when we are on STEEM topic if you have missed (ie because @traflagar @traf keep downvoting 100% posts of mine - anyone to counter till i get ahold of him?) [Poloniex]( prepares to dump almost 1 million STEEM on Binance and they have some more for later.


So watch your trades/bots.


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Maybe @poloniex is preparing a massive airdrop of steems for all of us. 😁 😁 😁

yaaayy.. scarrry :D

something was happening with steemconnect but with keychain to. one thing that is good on steempeak is that it tells you when it is not able to save because you are logged out. so you know you need to copy.

oh need to use them more

Have you tried SteemPeak instead of Busy?

not enough it seems ;x

I've been wondering what was going on when I couldn't connect.

luckily got fixed.. in 24h ;)

That steem doesn't belong to @poloniex the are stealing it, Cant we stop them??

I had a problem with where I could not login with either keychain or steemconnect. Now working??

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