The Steem News @ 8 March 2020 - Episode 279 - The Big Bang Edition...

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Today I published the 279th edition of the Steem News.

In these troubled times for Steem I feel it is an appropriate time to say thank you to everyone on the blockchain and beyond who reads and supports the publication.

Steem News began back in November 2018 in the dark days following the axing of 70% of the Steemit Inc staff.

Now the Steem blockchain stands at another pivotal and decisive point in its history.

The aim for Steem News has always been to provide an easy to digest, quick read summary of all that is going on around the ever expanding and ever diversifying Steem ecosystem.

With this information at hand the hope has been that the people of Steem can be informed in the decisions they take, enthused by the innovation that is happening, and engaged with all that is going on.

The Steem News does not take sides and does not express opinions.

If it should do either it stops being a news publication, and instead moves into the realms of PR or worse still propaganda.

The Steem News exists to give everyone on the blockchain a voice.

In matters of dispute and disagreement it aims to present a balance of views and opinions.

That extends to anyone who offers a rational argument without resorting to abuse or racism.

Within the limits of my language skills and those of Google Translate Steem News aims to present the views of all communities and all language groups.

In times of positivity and forward movement it has been a joy to compile and present the Steem News.

And in recent months it has been an honour to take Steem News to the highways of Twitter to present to the world the amazing array of talent, creativity and ingenuity on this blockchain.

Now, in these darker days, it is more of a challenge.

I am sure there are many that think Steem News should be waving the banner and manning the barricades, but that is not the role of this independent news service.

I suspect there are even more who are oblivious to Steem News, or just think it is irrelevant.

But for those who do find Steem News a useful service in these troubled times I thank you for your readership and support.

Good night, thank you and let's end with a Big Bang....

[ graphics & images by @pennsif ]

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Steem News is AWESOME & I read almost every edition. Incredible appreciation @pennsif 😍

Thank you @artemislives - much appreciated.

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Highest regards for you, Sir!

Thank you @dreemsteem

Should almost be a tribe or community, tbh.

Maybe, but how would that help?

Yah, I guess it wouldn't hit everybody's feed..

But I'm thinking more as a place of single contact to get all the juicy updates on what's happening in steem from non-steemit related sources..

Unbiassed media? This is fake news!

this is a massive number
good work

My respects


Thanks for Steem News! I appreciate the amount of work that you put into this and it is very helpful to know I can find so much important info for the day here.

Glad you find it useful.

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So important to me to see the Steem News as independent and unbiased, I have checked in today as I know there is always important information and links at the bottom of the Steem News. I know there is much uncertainty at present - and this makes the production of the news even more challenging. I think it is worthy of an SPS submission.

The recent turmoil has certainly made producing the Steem News a more challenging task than before. Hopefully some form of normality will return soon.

The Steem news has been very helpful since day one. Thanks for your contribution to Steem!

Thank you for your comment, glad you find the Steem News useful.

thanks for the news. read most articles

Thank you for your support.

Thanks for your invaluable service (that I think Steem Inc should provide or at least pay you to provide it, if they had any decency) even if I don't manage to read more than the general highlights!

Thanks Bobby.

Thank you for Steem News, you're doing a great and not easy job!

Thanks @gadrian, much appreciated.

There are many Journalists who could learn a thing or to from how you present the news. Very important new service you provide and I hope it grows and grows. Thank you

Thank you very much for this comment, that means a lot.

Steem News are one of my favorite sources of information and I appreciate the time and effort that you put in.

Glad you find it useful.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

The Steem News does not take sides and does not express opinions.

If it should do either it stops being a news publication, and instead moves into the realms of PR or worse still propaganda.

Too right, and very much in the true journalistic spirit. I have always wondered if you have a history in some type of press role @pennsif.

I worked as press officer, amoung other roles at a major charity, and had to write many press releases so I recognize the impartial style of quality journalistic writing.

Anyway, great work and it's nice to see you receive the support that at least makes all the hard work pay a decent renumeration 🙂

Thank you.

I am not a journalist by training, but have been involved with a news service before.

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