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RE: Steem climbs the ranks in latest CCID Ratings coming in at #6

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This whole thing where people don't understand the use case of Steem is beyond my own comprehension. The mind boggles at their confusion. It's the most straightforward, and most used use-case of any crypto out there. Every crypto can be used as a means of payment and a store of value, making them redundant versions of Bitcoin, but Steem is the only one that I can find a personal use for beyond those average crypto qualities. Others do some neat stuff, but I have no use for that stuff personally, and neither do most people. This is the only one that a relative technical illiterate like myself will use. That's pretty significant since most of the world population fits into that category. If you want it to scale, you need to invite those people in somehow. This is the only game in town IMO.

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Agreed. Steem can do it basically right now. Apparently they like the hypothetical potential of some of the others that aren't actually doing it right now.