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RE: Binance tries to back peddle and play stupid

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I guess this could be prevented when we would be able to downvote witnesses as well.

Binance will remove their proxy-vote soon because of public pressure and fear of bad pr.

Another alternative idea for a governance fix:
Just divide the voting power used on votes made. Current attack would be 10times less effective with this simple change.


They don't need the binance proxy anymore. The steemit stake is more than enough to vote in 20 witnesses, they just needed to get back access to their coins.

Maybe we can achieve an agreement with binance and other involved exchanges in order to spend their vote on previous "real" witnesses in order to regain control over the blockchain again.

!giphy lol

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Yeah, that would be great. But I am 99% sure that this is not gonna happen.
Right now they are actively denying that they knew of the powerup. They are stating they just accepted another fork which happens from time to time. Yeah, sure...

You'd trust obligors on an agreement after they defrauded their customers and fiduciary trust?

Not me.

Or allow to vote 5 witnesses instead of 30 maybe.

We were giving suggestions similar to this all the time.

Sounds good to me either. I guess most content consumers/creators even don't really know more that 3 witnesses who they should trust.

An excellent point. As a noob, I had no idea. After nearly 3 years on Steemit, I now vote witnesses based on what I know about their work and how they conduct myselves. I don't revisit my votes as often as I should. This episode has been an object lesson in that. I tend to be a bit of an ostrich, just blogging - once a week when I am able - but this whole thing? I just don't know. And it's the little people that saw Steemit as a way into crypto and a safe haven who are going to come horribly short in this whole thing. Cannon fodder. That's all.

I would even say 4... because of a math problem I have done with 5 groups being even... in trying to challenge the control of the chain.

Lol they thrive for bad pr