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RE: "Sun's Folly" will be taught in future blockchain business schools

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Interesting. I didn't know the restriction on the ninja-mined stake was already in the code but not switched on. I missed that bit in the story.

For me, there are two stand out takeaways:

  1. incomplete due diligence and/or information was requested but not provided. The latter seems to be the case from the Tron/Consensus Witness meeting.
  2. the behaviour of the exchanges involved, appropriating customer funds for another use.

Good to see that both of these are not my circus, not my monkeys:

  1. For Tron to take up with the previous owner.
  2. For the exchanges to deal with. I hope their customers are kicking up a storm ... and any regulatory bodies that might have an interest.

Meanwhile, for the Steem Community:

  • have we got control of the narrative?
  • and what is the narrative? Is it: we want to work with you, there are benefits for both parties, let's start talking about how it can be and negotiate a way forward within the consensus governance of the blockchain.

Final extraordinary takeaway: how a decentralised global community crossing many times zones, cultures and languages can organise together.


Yes, I wasn't aware that the voting restriction option for the ninja-mined stake was already in the code until very recently either. The use of the term "soft fork" is quite misleading.