Guerrilla Marketing the STEEM brand

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I’m getting frustrated. No one has a clue about most things blockchain. If they recognize the word blockchain at all they usually immediately associate it with BTC and everything that follows falls into the void because magic internet money, blah, blah.

So how do we get the word out about what STEEM is doing? I may have an answer. I once saw a documentary about the short lived tv series, that’s become a cult classic, “Firefly” titled “Done the Impossible” wherein it was revealed that the fans helped push it along (after it was dropped from the network) via what they referred to as guerrilla marketing. One example they gave was hanging fliers in stores, that directed people the show was available to purchase (whether it was or not) and got people asking for it. No one is asking about STEEM in my world. I want to remedy that.

I work in a hotel so I’m in a great place to spread the word, but I’m not in a position to proselytize out loud so I’m trying to leave notes lying around that would draw interest. Mostly just #steem, #steemlives,#SteemHostileTakeOver. I hide them between towels, too 😁.

I’d like suggestions for how I can step it up and I’d like to start a discussion around how each of us can apply these tactics. Post your occupational circumstances and let’s all shout out ways we can whisper this into the public ear.


Also, don’t forget to fuck Ned! #fuckyouned

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Making stickers is a good way to spread it. Also including a QR code in the sticker is also helpful to drive people towards a website where they can find information.

That’s a good idea! Thanks!

You are welcome.

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