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RE: Binance tries to back peddle and play stupid

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This is so wrong. They could have worked with the witnesses instead of alienating them like this. How are they supposed to feel after they put so much into the platform? At least we have the evidence, but I guess they could fake the blockchain with total control. Steemit/Tron need to show some good faith.


consider the possibility that justin took over the chain, not as an investment, but with the goal of destroying the largest decentralized and free-speech social media platform

Wha..? The noble CCP would never do tha... Oh, wait.

And people still believe that "successful" businessmen in China have NO ties whatsoever with the CCP.

When there's money from PRC, it's tied to Party agenda.

I believe it... and even predicted it, years ago.
This platform was dangerous in the hands of freemen,
and was dragged down by that bratty little, greedy, autistic CEO.
Now the ChiComs came in and settled the check.
the plebs aren't allowed this stuff... ya dig?

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.38.20 PM.png

You know the witnesses have played the greed game and now its biting them back. I think this played out the way I expected. What kills me is how many people still think steem is decentralized.

Do you realize that steemit inc is a privately held company?Always was!

Most witnesses don't make a profit, but they believed in the blockchain principle that nobody has overall control. Justin subverted this by exploiting the exchanges. Maybe they shouldn't have blocked his stake, but he has betrayed the trust we put in Steemit with these actions.

Most witnesses dont do anything. Your right but it doesn't matter it all belongs to the PRC now. They don't understand law and most here are criminals. The behavior towards others here in words and deed shows exactly that. Steve your a great guy I hope you do well but this blockchain is ruined!

Well it amuses me to keep engaging with the community. I know a lot of these people well now and they matter more to me than Justin does. He's learning that he does not own us. Blockchains are designed to resist attack, but those with enough money are a danger. It's not dead yet.

Exactly why you are hearing from me now. Because I still care about the friends we have here.

I think this proves that the blockchains are only as honest as the people behind them and this proves its not looking good when it comes to infallibility. I think this proves to us that a complete outsider can destroy the beloved blockchain!

This is all an experiment and we are in uncharted territory. I'm interested to see where it goes. I'm not really losing anything by sticking with it for now. If nothing else we will have to work out how the communities can continue.

Something is happening under the table..
Will see what soon..

I don't agree with the way they went about everything but in the end there has been 99% attrition rate here for a reason. A lot of investors / technical contributors have been alienated overtime. It was a much slower process than this but in one quick move Justin made the power move that most of the guys in control had done at a much slower rate on this chain. The Witness voting was always a farce with the @freedom account. This is just a lot more visible and we have the witnesses crying "No Fair" "No Fair" . But they laughed at most of us the entire time when we called out issues with the system and acted like we were little cry babies.

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