What happens when you don't do what Justin Sun wants

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If you haven't heard by now, the Steem sock puppet witnesses just deployed Soft Fork 22.8888 which freezes the stake of legitimate stake holders like Blocktrades, GTG, Roelandp, and others.

You can find the public source code here, if this is in fact what they are running.

The current users being blocked (as far as we know) are:

The operations being blocked can be found in this code, while it is C++ it is fairly easy to understand this piece even if you don't develop. Just look at the operation names.

As we have seen in the past with the censorship going on Steemit, this will likely just get worse. Currently there are like 20 censored accounts and 200 posts being censored on Steemit.

You can read about the Soft Fork 22.888 announcement here.

What is obvious now, nothing is out of the question under Justin Sun's regime.


Here's a GitHub links using a commit hash in case the tag is changed:


BTW there here is the email address from one of the git commits:

From 678f6effef6b343834eb4662dd5cbdb60e2a7226 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: steem-witnesses <jjm.amagoon@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2020 15:57:15 +0900
Subject: [PATCH] Steem Protection Fork

Looks like the code author is likely the same as the Steem @amagoon account. The email is also associated with the JJM Rush android app.

I've read the list as best I can, can someone spell out in English bullet points what has been done to those accounts?

My quick read is:

  • No voting for witnesses
  • No voting for SPS
  • No power downs

Are they blocked from making any transfers of liquid Steem should they have any?

They blocking voting for content, transfers, setting withdrawal routes, escrow, savings, market, and proxy.

Basically nullifying the account for the most part.

I don't understand why @steempress is in that list. They are not even a big stake holder now.

@steempress (@howo) worked on the development of HIVE.

I think that was the reason, we are kind of the outliers in this group of large stakeholders.

Wow. Just wow. Every time I think he can’t stoop lower he turns around and surprises me. I guess this is the day 2 announcement for 100 days of steem?

Exactly my thoughts. This guys is the epitome of wickedness.

Underrated comment. I hate to imagine what day 100 is going to be like...

It's a war.

I am speechless. That would be too low even by the CPC standards...

Why am I not surprised?
The kid was tired of pumping STEEM price with his own bank account. It's easier to freeze other people's money and probably steal it after.

Thanks God now we are part of HIVE now!

I just hope everyone has a very PUBLIC field day with this on twitter... and to all the various blogs and news services that publish crypto related content.


Hail to the thief!

Holy shit they just unnapproved those witnesses that wouldn't agree to this?


I read the original post about this fork and all the comments under it. The people who wrote this post along with everyone that supports it in the comments just sound ignorant. Thats who runs Steem now? They are truly fucked.

Oh. I didn't see that post.

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and somehow the steem price is pumping

Does this mean blockbrothers have shot themselves in the head? -Twice? lol

Yes. Stupid is as stupid does.

Not stupid. Both times he was against freezing a stake. This shows he truly stands for principles.

Nah. He was just cornered. He didnt stand for much when he stood behind Justin.
He had a sliver of justification for himself at the time.

Now its clear that Justin is a criminal and a scammer. The only people on his side are the immoral Koreans that care about nothing.
Exyle had no option but to bail.

Ok sure, if it allows you to feel better.

Oh dear.

Do I sound genuine? lol

Well .... they are brothers ... So they shot themselves in the head 4 times but who is counting.

The poor @exyle is getting hard both ways

It was the same reason both times, which shows he truly stands for his principles and was not a hypocrite.


I don't think it's fair to dump all over @exyle. He put his heart and soul into Steem. He was great for Steem and therefore great for Hive. Why kick him when he's down? He had a different opinion and was entitled to it. Even if we don't agree with it.

I hope that he'll be welcomed on Hive but it doesn't look that way. Let's show some compassion.

I disagreed with him plenty of times. Sometimes silently, sometimes loudly. I agree with you though. He's had a streak of bad luck and unfortunate circumstance. There's no need to rub that in.


Something tells me this has to do more with revenge and less with protecting the safety and integrity of Steem.

I'm really hoping it's not to give himself quicker access to the markets as this would be a huge conflict of interests...not that I would put that past him.

What a stupid move!

If we implemented a Peakd.com for Bitcoin Cash, could this happen? The account system will by its nature link account names to BCH addresses. Miners could decide to filter transactions based on which bitcoin addresses are linked to said account. I am not saying they would, it is a thought experiment. Although if they block transactions they do not get paid for that transaction's fee, which wouldn't really hurt a mining pool in the short-term but believers of BCH would change their minds after something like that.

Could such a patch work against owners of Monero or Grin? I have read up on Monero and I think such a patch could work against Monero users. I don't know enough about Grin to comment on this. I don't understand how IOTA could have been "paused." I read about this happening. It seems to me DAG or IOTA should be immune to this problem but if it has been paused I don't really understand how it works.

If we implemented a Peakd.com for Bitcoin Cash, could this happen?

I don't understand what you mean. Bitcoin (and derivative) blockchains are not ideal for posting large amounts of data / text transactions. Why can't people just use hive?

It's also extremely hard to develop cross-blockchain interactions in a secure way.

Let me ask you something a little different then. Suppose some party had his identity linked to some bitcoin cash address. Couldn't a soft-fork be used to freeze his funds as been done here? I do think it could be. Making this impossible should be the goal of every future blockchain project.

The motivations for miners are different than that of Witnesses. No Bitcoin miner would feel threatened should the Satoshi coins start moving. They could still sell the coins for money and profit for electricity. For Satoshi to become a miner he/she/they needs to invest new capital into ASICs (unless he has one). The bitcoins Satoshi has doesn't let him generate new coins or control consensus.

Suppose some party had his identity linked to some bitcoin cash address. Couldn't a soft-fork be used to freeze his funds as been done here?

Yes, but it would require a large portion of PoW miners to conspire to censor transactions. That's unlikely because censored users could also increase their transaction fees to tip the miner incentives.

This is more likely to occur on Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin, because Bitcoin Cash is choosing a path of greater miner centralization. Bitcoin is God... for now.

@blocktrades will this affect your ability to swap from steem to hive?

They won’t be able to sell their remaining steem. But they have got the hive proportionally already two weeks ago

So one will still be able to swap for Hive? If they cant use the steem, why would they take it? Thats my thought

I have just sold 6,5 dollars of steem after transferring my balance here to poloniex. i didnt know blocktrades would abandon steem. it wasnt possible today =( use this steem pump today to get some hive ✌️

and shit :D

He posted that all Steem and Sbd trading was halted.

Yes. Mark shared the link, thanks :D

I checked about two hours ago, there's no steem to hive option anymore.

Steem no longer appears on the accepted currency list on @blocktrades


Geez... I'm not allowed to sleep! 😛Miss too much.

Usually steem is under maintenance. It’s fully gone. I wonder if they are removing it for good.

well if their acc is blocked for transacting they can't do anything so they can't trade. he just blocked an exchange.

Yup. Sun killed steem.

This war does not seem to stop...

A crypto/blockchain enthusiasts shouldn't still intend on staying on Steem for too long. I have started my Steem power down so I can be ready to swap for Hive at any time.
A censorship platform defeats the purpose of blockchain to me

Does the power down trickle in every day or is it a lump sum every week?

It trickles weekly

Ahh. I see a "Next Vesting Withdrawal" in steemworld. It says my next withdrawal will be tomorrow. Well see what happens.


What is obvious now, nothing is out of the question under Justin Sun's regime.

No crystal ball to know what is happening, next you will hear Steemit has become some hot porn site with gambling attached, best is to keep moving out and letting people know where and how.

Thanks for update!

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Is this rock bottom yet? Or still sinking? :D

Oh boy!

Just when you thought he was already at a low, he proves every one wrong and slopes lower

Limbo champion for sure.


Lol this Justin... pathetic little piece of shit


Time for a nice big fat class action lawsuit to throw right in justins face. Get the fucker jailed already.

Is steem a blockchain!?

🎵 It's the end of Steem as we know it, and that's just FINE! 🎵

So tempting to power down and head out of Dodge.

If you don't follow the Sun,

You face the gun.

WTF is this?

This is just awful coding.
Even if i agreed with it.

So, now every witness has just doubled their process cycles needed to complete a transaction. That will help a lot.

And, didn't Mr. Tron talk to the Koreans about keeping all tokens sacred?

Wow; you could not make this shit up.

The worst of everyone's fears came true. I'm so thankful we have Hive.

is that really happening))
fucking gangster/...

Those guys are confused human being..That post they published is full of shit.

Top witnesses on Steem should have never stop their witness. Real Steemians should have attack the Steem chain with all they had.

I was the last remaining top 20 witness and hung at the 20th spot for a while. At that point it was absolutely pointless to continue and I moved to 28 fairly quickly as more power was given to Justin's bots.

While I wanted to prevent them from doing a fork for at least the 13 weeks, it was impossible and my attention was better served on Hive.

The irony of referring to real Steemians gave me a giggle.

Thanks! I appreciate the clarification. But didn't blocktrades and some others stopped their witness before being booted out of the top 20 spots?

Many did yes.

Whose list is bigger? LOL
Tit for tat still it seems. Each action seems to be met by an equally poignant reaction.

So, does this mean that freedom and pumpkin are @ned?, or not?
They sure voted Ned's way plenty of times.

That 12 million steem on poloniex that wasn't a peep burbled about was, imo, likely ned's, too.

When the chain initially launched with pow mining how many individuals were involved?
6? 10?

My bet is that most of the abuse of the pool stems from steem garnered in that initial few accounts.
How many hundreds of accounts did rabbit have?

How many people in the world had/have a working knowledge of how to vote farm? <100?

Many people will likely be mad when they find out just how foolish the stinc crooks have played us for.

Where is all that nonvoting whale stake?
Is that Ned's, too?


I am so thankful for HIVE as he simply ruined the Steem blockchain.

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