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RE: Steem climbs the ranks in latest CCID Ratings coming in at #6

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What do you perceive to be threespeak's effects on user retention and engagement levels?


I see many users leaving the front end and using the threespeak front end. While that doesn't have any affect on votes/posts on steem, it impacts the traffic/website numbers of people visiting

Regarding retention and engagement levels... I see that they use a main account to upvote a lot of their users which will surely help with retention. In fact, I was pushing for the main steemit,inc account to be used like that long ago in order to help bring content creators over. I would probably still be open to that if it was used solely on high profile influencers. Overall, I think threespeak is overwhelmingly positive for steem but perhaps not so positive for as they lose ad revenue as more and more people switch over.

I see, ok - I asked because I use 3speak but I wasn't aware the userbase there was particularly high.
If you compare the traffic for steempeak, 3speak and steemit you'll see that it's really steempeak that is going up, while steemit goes down - which was easy to predict since the beginning of steempeak since they are actually adding new features regularly and steemit almost never have done.

Interesting. Thanks for the info!