Steem2020 contest update #4 - 1500 STEEM prize pool - 1 day left to enter

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Thank you to the 35 steemians who have entered the Steem2020 contest so far.

There have been some great ideas coming in to help make Steem grow in 2020.

The contest closes at midnight UTC tomorrow, Tuesday 12 November. You still have 29 hours to get your entry in to be in with a chance of winning one of the great prizes on offer.

Thank you again to the generous prize donations from the contest sponsors - @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt of @steemmonsters, @starkerz of @yoodoo and @threespeak, @good-karma of eSteem and @ecoinstant. The prize pool now stands at the equivalent of over 1500 STEEM.

2020 is going to be a big year for Steem. This Steem2020 contest is a chance for everyone to give their input and their plan of action for the coming 12 months.

How to enter...

The full details are in the original post...

In summary, to enter all you have to do is make a post or video with your plan of action for Steem to grow big in 2020.

The more specifics the better. Even targets and a month-by-month roadmap, January to December next year, would be great.

What should be done, who should do it, and how will it be resourced.

And most importantly, how you will get involved and help out.

I'm looking for written posts in the range of 1000 - 2000 words, or videos of 5 - 10 minutes.

Tag your entry posts with #steem2020 and drop a link in the comments of this post or my contest follow-up posts.


Along with my initial contribution of 120 STEEM, thanks to the generous donations from contest sponsors @theycallmedan of @threespeak, @yabapmatt of @steemmonsters, @starkerz of @yoodoo and @threespeak and @good-karma of @esteemapp, the prizes are now...

  • 1st prize...
    120 STEEM + 50 Splinterlands Untamed booster packs + 100% @oracle-d upvote + 1000 ESTM
  • 2nd prize...
    80 STEEM + 30 Splinterlands Untamed booster packs + 75% @oracle-d upvote + 700 ESTM
  • 3rd prize...
    40 STEEM + 10 Splinterlands Untamed booster packs + 50% @oracle-d upvote + 300 ESTM

As an added bonus there will be 10% upvotes from @oracle-d for all eligible entries, with an extra 5% for video entries posted on

There will also be 5 bonus prizes of 2 Splinterlands Untamed booster packs each and 3 bonus prizes of 100 ESTM each.

@ecoinstant is also going to give one INCOME token to each of the finalists.


  1. Entries can be as written posts or videos.
  2. Entries should be in English, unless a translation is provided with a written post, or subtitles on a video.
  3. Entries can be by individuals or collaborative efforts.
  4. Winners will be selected by the judging panel of @pennsif, @theycallmedan and @exyle.
  5. Entries should include #steem2020 as one of the tags.
  6. Links to entries should be put in the comments of this or any other of my posts about the contest.
  7. Entries should include a link to this or one of my related contest posts.
  8. The contest will run until 11.59pm UTC on Tuesday 12 November 2019.
  9. The entries will be judged by @theycallmedan, @exyle and @pennsif.

Entries so far

Thank you to all the entrants so far, in alphabetical order...

  1. @aaliyahholt - My Entry For Steem 2020 Contest

  2. @adesojisouljay - My entry for steem2020 contest, let my past works and efforts speak for me

  3. @alokkumar121 - My Entry for STEEM 2020 Contest

  4. @certain - My submission for STEEM2020 contest

  5. @chireerocks - Steem 2020

  6. @clixmoney - My entry to STEEM 2020 !

  7. @culgin - Steem 2020 is about having a "SMART U"

  8. @daan - Steem2020 - A Game-Changing Idea: Crowdfunded + Crowdsourced Advertising!

  9. @ecoinstant - STEEM2020 - Building Profitable Businesses on blockchain

  10. @fucho80 - Steem 2020, plans and contribution!

  11. @intrepidsurfer - Community driven strategic public relations, marketing and onboarding, 2020

  12. @jjqf - Steem 2020 - My vision and future plans

  13. @josech - Another Entry For Steem 2020 Contest

  14. @knowhow92 - 2020 is near and these are my plans for helping Steem grow

  15. @lanzjoseg - The opportunities are always there ---> STEEM2020

  16. @mcoinz79 - “Powered By Steem!” A Unique Opportunity For Steem2020!

  17. @niallon11 - Marketing STEEM on Social Media : STEEM 2020

  18. @ocupation - Steem Vision 2020 and My Thoughts on what should be Changed

  19. @rokhani - My Entry of Contest Steem 2020 - what should Steem do next year & how will you help

  20. @rollie1212 - my STEEM 2020 | plans and contest

  21. @rvag5 - [CONTEST] Steem2020 - what should Steem do next year & how will you help [120 STEEM prize pool]

  22. @saun - Steemit 2020: My views and opinion regarding steemit future! must see!

  23. @suanky - Steem 2020 - My future in the next year

  24. @schubes - Steem Blockchain Vision for 2020

  25. @shaheerbari - Steem in 2020

  26. @simplicitytech - My humble Entry of Contest Steem 2020 - what should Steem do next year & how will you help

  27. @slobberchops - STEEM 2020; What I am going to do!

  28. @steemitri - Steemitri The Mannequin's STEEM 2020 skydiving mission

  29. @steevc - Building up Steem for 2020

  30. @surpassinggoogle - 1-Hour Video Of 'My Plan For Steem Growth In 2020' & It Is "Surpassing Google With Steem"

  31. @themagazine - [CONTEST] Steem2020 - What @themagazine will do next year for Steemit

  32. @tonytrillions - Steem 2020 Time To Embrace Attraction Networking: Give To Get

  33. @uyobong - Steem 2020: My Submissions, My Roles

  34. @wongbraling - Build STEEM2020 Community for Better STEEM

  35. @yanirauseche - Learn about the Steem2020 and your contribution in the new year (Spoken in Spanish with English subtitles)

This is your chance to tell the world how you think Steem should move forward to grow and prosper in 2020.

Join in, give us your thoughts, and be in with a chance to win some great Steem prizes...

[ graphics by @pennsif / @theycallmedan / / Splinterlands ]

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@pennsif, Hope that this Contest was successful. Most importantly we got an opportunity to go through from diversified Steem Experiences and Future Perspectives. Stay blessed.

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My participation to the contest is the following link

Thank you for your entry to the contest.

Well I'll give this a think tonight and see if I can come up with something tomorrow.

There is still time to get our first Welsh entry...

Hello @pennisif, I hope I'm not too late.
Here's my entry.

Thank you for entering the contest.

Thank you for your entry.

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Here is my participation to the contest:

Thank you for your entry. Will add to the list.

One day left! Will be exciting to see the results!