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Before and upgraded their main sites you could see many "hive" tags.

I saw before the upgrade of the main sites there were some people complaining about these ugly names. Rightfully!

But... the plan was all along not to show them, instead to show the pretty name of the community, and that's what you see if you go to any community on or Along with all the other options to manage a community.

However, if someone uses any other interface they still see "hive" names. Just because an interface creates a community, it doesn't mean they have support for Hive communities. I can and have created a community. You can create a community.

Even if an interface links its community to its interface, it doesn't mean they support Hive communities. But maybe they don't need do.

But a general interface will likely need to support Hive communities for the convenience of their users. So far only and have.

I wrote a quick orientation guide yesterday for steemians seeing communities for the first time, either through or

The guide isn't extensive, I didn't want to scare anyone away by making it long.

I believe I have a good understanding of communities and if I don't know something somebody else will.

This is what SteemHelp community is for, so go ahead if you have any questions.

There's no question too simple or too complicated. If it's too complicated, we'll just have to find the right person to answer (maybe not right away).


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I had a run at making a new community today, on a topic I and some other folks have been posting fairly regularly about. After I had downloaded the keys, the process failed. I started over, and it failed again at the same point.

I am very appreciative of your offer to resolve questions. I hope I can ascertain why the process failed at the same point twice.


From your description it looks like you tried it from Steempeak.

You have enough STEEM in your wallet, so that's not it.

Was it an error or how did the process fail?

Did you reach the point to click "Continue" to create the community owner account, or the process failed before that?

If it was an error displayed, do you remember what it was? Or if you don't, can you repeat the process and maybe take a screenshot when it shows up.

It was exactly at the point when I clicked continue after downloading the keys. Then this came up.

I just tried it again, and met the exact same fate. This is the second page I arrive at during the process. I never am prompted to enter keys or anything other than name the community and provide a description, and then download the keys. There is a check box verifying the keys are saved safely, and I do check that before clicking continue.

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This is an error thrown by SteemConnect and maybe @asgarth can check the logs to see what was going on.

By the way, are you sure you entered the private active key in SteemConnect when you were asked for it, instead of the posting key?

If you are comfortable with this, you can create the community in-between from Steempeak if you install Steem Keychain extension or via

I was never asked for a key. There was no place to enter a key. Before the above screenshot, the only page I saw was the very beginning of the process, where you name the community, add a description, download the keys and check the box to verify they are saved before clicking continue.

Keychain does not work on Tron's proprietary browser Opera, which is what I am using. I do prefer Steempeak to Steemit though. Sorry Tron!

I am unclear as to what you mean by 'create the community in-between from Steempeak..'

Thank you very much for the information that it is a steemconnect error. I do hope @asgarth notes the ping and satisfactorily resolves the issue.

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Ok, so maybe there's a problem with the SteemConnect link (for creating communities). cc @asgarth.

I am unclear as to what you mean by 'create the community in-between from Steempeak..'

I meant using Keychain.

I'm using Opera with Keychain! You just have to install the 'Install Chrome Extensions' extension for Opera first.

I'll be. I undertook no little discussion regarding Opera not being able to use Keychain on a discord last year. I, again, greatly appreciate the info. I will have a look at the Chrome extensions thingie.

Will it give all my data to Goolag?

Will it give all my data to Goolag?

The extension is created by Opera. I doubt they'll give your data to Google. That doesn't mean they don't use the user data themselves. :D

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