New Jersey Driver Test - Permit Test Practice Questions

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New Jersey Driver Test

Permit Test Practice Questions



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This app is for those in New Jersey preparing for New Jersey DMV test. All the needed and necessary questions for you to pass are readily available on this app, so you don't need to waste your money writing class D test again once you get this app on your iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. After answering questions, you will see the result of the questions answered, time spent and correction to the questions gotten wrong
This app is 78.8mb and the app is very useful.


  • The questions are divided into 19 different topics, including Alcohol and Drugs, Common Signs, Lane Changes, etc
    Questions are generated randomly
    You can choose from 3 options: Random Questions, Incorrectly Answered Questions, and Not attempted Questions
    You can now track how many question you have done correctly, incorrectly, and not attempted
    Option to review all the New Jersey MVS test questions if you don't want to take the quiz features gotten here


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