UK Driving Tests - App created for testing driving in UK

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UK Driving Tests

App created for testing driving in UK



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This is the official driving application for those who intend to take UK driving test. Looking for any other app? This is the ultimate and perfect application for you to study and understand all rules pertaining to road driving be it small vehicle or large vehicle.

There are 2,600+ questions for you to practice so as to pass UK driving test. The application is comprehensive and you need a space of 30.8 MB on your iPhone, iPod and iPod touch and it requires no internet after downloading.


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Greetings @goldenproject,

Anything that is helpful toward the goal of passing the UK driving test is helpful indeed. Sounds quite comprehensive.

Thank you for this cool find.


it's very helpful

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Awareness of testing system is necessary no matter how good you are in driving. seems to be a nice app which will assists driver to pass the driving test in UK. Great hunt. The app is also great as it provides awareness to driver which will eventually help to develop better driving sense.

Yeah, i used an app as well. Although i think it was not the same as this one. Theory test isn't tough, its the driving test that's difficult in the uk. I've known people who failed 3 times for an automatic license. YouTube is full of videos about people failing UK test. Great hunt

This is a different app that contains driving test questions

All rules and all guidelines all together. Now its very easy to get licence through test in UK with the help of this app. Very good hunting.


No such thing as an easy option with the UK driving test. I would say it would most likely be easier to learn from a book than the phone app and that is my personal opinion. I have done the UK driving test and you need to be able to see all the images as there are trick questions. If you want to pass I wouldn't be using this app.

yeah... that's your own opinion


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