Waterkeeper Drink Guide - Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

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Waterkeeper Drink Guide

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper



Hunter's comment

This is a waterkeeper application. This app is a Canadian app that is usually used to check Water advisories in the country. On this app you can check the quality of water where you are, drinkable water, boiled water, and water shortage.

This app is 46.5 MB on iPhone, iPod and iPod touch and it supports only English as a language.




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It has a good memory space unlike other apps that take a whole number of space giving meaningless functions. Residents of Canada can now know a portable water when they see one thereby promoting good health


Could be definitely useful if you care about your health and want to drink and use clean water, which is very important. The downside is as I see it's available only for iOS, Android users can't use it. I hope the developers are going to make it available for them as well. It's important to give up bottled water consumption to save the planet from so much plastic.

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