DevPro - Anti Theft Solution for your Mobile Device

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Anti Theft Solution for your Mobile Device



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Mobile phones are basic need of everyone. So its security is indeed necessary as well. So we should take care of our mobile security. Either you have personal data or not still our mobiles needs security. To solve such issue i brought an autonomous app for all iPhone users. This app will provide maximum security. Quite easy to use, you can turn on its security system just by one wipe. Very secure it will always be running at the back end of your mobile. You can define your security alerts and can use already built-in alerts. Very flexible and reliable all the backup and alarming will be done based on mobile movement.


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Greetings @xawi,

Oh thank you for this information regarding this nifty security app......the idea that one can customise it based on one's situation is cool indeed.

All the best to you. ^__^


Great solution of the problem of mobile theft. Mobile theft is increasing. So best hunting

The thing is, mobile theft is quite common nowadays, here is a great way to reduce that operation.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

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It is the main problem of mobile device theft. Therefore it is very nice and innovative product and great hunt.

This is a good solution for keeping your privacy safe for mobile. Because one person has a lot of personal things in one mobile, it can be very harmful if it falls into the hands of another. If using this app can guarantee all its security, then that would be a good thing.It's good job as well as thank you, hunt friends.


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