Medica - Medication tracker,prescription reminder app

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Medication tracker,prescription reminder app



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Taking medicine on time is very necessary in order to maintain your health. So to resolve this issue Medica is here to help you. Medica will remind you that now is your medicine time. It will help in keep tracking your prescription schedule and will bring ease in your life. It comes up with super handy easy o use interface and it has quite subtle graphics though. Medica provides you hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly reminder along with following up appointment reminders. for further details kindly do check out the official site of Medica.


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Hi dear hunter @xawi you share a really great hunt for All creatures whose never miss a chance to get a tips and tricks for stay healthy. Your product is very helpful and keep track of your prescription schedule. Thanks for sharing your experience with others.

I usually forget to take my medicine on time and this is a great app to remind it for me. We can set flexible reminders for pills tracking and refill as well.

In the times we live in I can see why this would be necessary for many...... sad.

great hunt. takes the stress out from your life of remembering when to eat one's meds. and some doctors will give a combination of 5 milder medications, with different timings. the problem is actually there for those who are old as medicines are their appetizer, sometimes dessert.

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This is incredibly important, especially for forgetful older people. My grandmother was diabetic and she died because she'd forgotten to take her medication on time.

Such an usefull App now a days we can do almost everything with our androids. Now we can have medicines on time & also can give to our loved ones

I am an adult still sometimes I forget to take my medicine. Well, this problem is common for the old man but I am not old even then I forget. Thank you for this, I will not forget taking my medicine.


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