VOR Tracker - A small but powerful training tool for pilots

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VOR Tracker

A small but powerful training tool for pilots



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Hunter's comment

Very effective and quite useful training tool for pilots. By practising with the features of this app pilots can sharpen instruments skills. It will build up the confidence of newbie pilots. It is the only kind of its app which will help you either way.

VOR Tracker is a beautifully designed instrument procedure trainer for pilots. It is unique in simplicity and the only one of it’s kind for smartphones and tablets.source

The best way to practice IFR procedures in real-time.




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Before sharing my thoughts about this excellent hunt, @xawi, I think, vimukthi's comment is the best compliment for this finest sharing. Salute to you for this marvelous hunt & to vimukthi for the best comment.

Before 9/11, there was an option for hobbyist to learn flying without actually flying for even a single minute, and that was Microsoft's flying simulator, it was discontinued after the incident, and the later version didn't offer the whole package and all features.

VOR Tracker doesn't lie in that category, but what I have gathered from the information they have provided, it does seem like a fine tool for professional pilots to sharpen their skills. IMO, some technical skills can be developed and improved without going through that pressure that pilots have to face during and after the training, and VOR Tracker offers to satisfactorily achieve that goal in an efficient way.

Training pilots is not something very cheap. I know few people who started training and everything had a premium price. You can actually practice IFR procedures in real time, using either a RMI or HSI. It's not some Q&A type app. A review left by pilot made me have an eve better impression on the app:

I LOVE this app. I am an IR rated atpl pilot and I can honestly tell you that by practicing with this app, keeps my instrument skills sharp and in fact it has increased my confidence to another level to the point that it now takes me only a few seconds at looking at a VOR or RMI instrument and having a full situational awareness of where I am, where I need to go and how to best achieve this. The app is fully flexible and you can even set up your own local procedure to practice those upcoming test

If you have a few free minutes you can study and improve your VOR skills. The app simplifies things for example you only worry about two dimensions and there’s only standard rate turns which allow you to focus on what actually matters without distraction.

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find best and helpful tool for pilots. This app gives proper guidline how to flaying plane savely. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

With ever increasing air traffic, our skies are becoming less and less safe. Good thing is most things on plains are automated so everything is autopilot. That makes being good with instrument clusters even more important. Nice hunt.


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