Why Am I Still Here? || Response to @theycallmedan 's initiative

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I joined steemit exactly 2 years and 7 months ago, that is somehow 35 moons ago(according to whats written in steemd. That time sbd and steem price was about 1usd. They were always very close, with only a few cents of difference. I was very new to this and didn't know any better so basically what i did back then you can call shitposting.
I kind of thought of this platform as facebook so did exactly what we used to do in facebook. I took weird photos and posted them, i wrote articles on weird topics and posted them. Back then, I was only thinking about money. If I post about this or that I could get some money, so post it. If I make a good comment on someone's post, I could get some votes, so comment it.

Made this with online image creator.

I think the slogan back then was, do what you love and earn rewards for it. I was definitely not doing that. I have mentioned in my other posts like this that I didn't even know that I could draw before i got into steemit. But then i started drawing so my blog would be good enough to share with people on discord. I also wanted to have a particular topic in my blog. So, i started drawing and posting them.
Because i didn't actually know anyone in here, i didn't feel any pressure of judgement while posting my beginner level drawings. Which were pretty bad actually.

But i didn't stop. I kept drawing and posting everyday. And the community was actually very supportive. At least all those people that ever commented on my posts.
Then came the high point of steemit. The steem price was around 4usd and sbd price was around 10-14usd. It was a really happy time. For as long as the price was high, I spent more and more time on art. For a few months the price was high and i got really good at art.

Then came steem's low point, steem price started to drop and it went down to 70cents. We thought that was the lowest point of steemit and the next year would be better. But the price went down even more. Few months earlier it was at 10cents.
Anyway, a lots of people left the platform when the price dropped but many of us didn't. I kept posting, almost every single day. If you go through my blog you will find huge amount of blog posts, that i posted almost every day. Sometimes i took breaks of one or two days because things came up. But i never left.

Because, Steemit was making me better everyday

I finally found something that i love to do and there is always a chance of making some money out of it. But with my low skills back then and still now there wasn't a chance of me making any amount of money with it.
I do all these things all day and then that makes me tired and i start drawing that makes me feel happy. It makes me more happy when i see some good amount of votes on that art piece and some good comments from other people.

If i keep making one art everyday, thats 365 piece a year. With that much practice I might even make it as a professional artist. Which will be awesome by the way.

I am doing at least something everyday instead of nothing. So, this is the reason why i am still here. With all these low points of steemit, its still making me better one art piece at a time.


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It is nice to read that you're still here because you do something like (art) and Steemit is a challenge to keep inspiring you

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