Isn't it Ironic?

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Ok, obviously there is a lot of stuff going on at right now between new Communities, the Aquisition of and SoftFork 22 it's pretty much a shit show! I am waiting to see how things unfold before I do a post on the last 2, but for now, let's talk about communities.

I honestly love the idea behind communities, but let's agree it is confusing as fuck right now! First things first, it would be great if would put out a post explaining HOW their new features work. I know, I sound stupid right!?! LoL, just hear me out.

The truth is that we get big updates (hardforks) a few times a year and it seems like every time that happens steemians run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure shit out! A perfect example is with the new update of communities and posting/cross-posting. They were released with absolutely no direction on how to use them!?! That doesn't make any sense to me.. How hard would it be to write up a post explaining how it works. It's stuff like this that scares off all the newbs.

I have been on steemit for well over 2 years now and still struggle to find, understand and use all that it has to offer. Even little stuff can really fuck you over if you don't understand it. For instance, I recently forgot to add the Steemit tag when making a post in Steemleo the other morning and even though I noticed it immediately and changed it, it was too late! I missed all of my daily auto upvotes from my followers, which equals about 4 steem! I know its not the end of the world but I have made quite a few of these "small mistakes" lately and it is really starting to add up and all because of terrible communication!

I have lost more than 30 Steem in the past 2 days alone on dumb things like that.. That's like a week worth of posting for me!.. So yeah, be extremely careful where you post from and make sure to add all the proper tags the first time cuz even if you go back and change it, it may be too F***ing late!.. I guess it wouldn't of been terrible if I knew this information right off the bat. Just 2 days ago I could post from any front end it would still post to steemit and if I forgot a #tag i could go back and change it quick, no big deal.. WELL NOT ANYMORE, so be careful my friends!

I honestly would hate to be newby on the steemit(/steem blockchain) right now because it is incredibly confusing.. I can see why people sign up, try it once and then never return! Shit, I have been on steemit for 2 1/2 years and I still get confused every time there is an update. It would be WAY better if there were more any instructions on how all this shit works rather than just going through my feed hoping to find someone else to help explain it.

I think needs an employee for communication purposes alone. Just to explain features, answer questions, work with witnesses, write information articles to the community and other things like that. Seriously, this is a social media company THAT DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SOCIALIZE!! LMAO, am I the only one who sees the IRONY in that?

Don't get me wrong, I know some of the employees at have gotten A LOT better about updates and working with the community (over the past year) and I appreciate that a lot but they are still leaps and bounds away from being good at it and really explaining details of releases..

Let's hope that with @JustinSunTron things might change a bit. He seems to care about his communities and projects, unlike @ned. I honestly couldn't be happier @ned is gone. Now let's fix some of this shitshow we call and get things working properly!

It's all about communication!

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I've been using Steempeak. There's no help there either but a couple blunts and a couple hours figured 50% of it out for me. I think.

I mean, a couple of blunts have helped me figure out more than a few situations in life, so I'll definitely give it a go! ;)

I think needs an employee for communication purposes alone.
Isn't that supposed to be andrarchy? lol

I'm with you on this one - I'm as confused as fuck lol

Well if that is his job he needs to be fired cuz he fuckin sucks at it! LoL..