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Some of winners are from the delegator spots. Thank you.

Top upvoters

Some winners are the top upvoters of our winners post here. Thank you.


Some winners have been randomly selected from our followers list.

Congratulations everyone, along with your free resteem you also recieved a 100% upvote :)

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For more information about our free resteem service click here.
The bot has been updated and additional information can be found here.

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What else can I do to help

You can upvote posts from us to help grow the bot.
You can resteem our posts and help to spread the word.
You can donate Hive or HDB, which we will convert to Steem Power.

Other little perks

@steeming-hot holds various tokens, which we continue to grow and stake. Some of the tokens we hold are SPT, GG, STEM, PAL, NEOXAG, TRDO, JAHM. So if you use those tags you will receive a little bonus along with our upvote :)

Also @thevillan is following our curation trail and holds these tokens too.

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@steeming-hot currently has no delegator positions available. Sorry. Support delegations are always appreciated.

how do we pick winners banner.png

You can simply follow @steeming-hot and we will pick a couple of followers each day, who pass our eligibility checklist.
You can also upvote our latest version of this post, as we pick top upvoters from these posts.


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