Minnow Pat on the Back Showcase Thursday 26th of March 2020

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The following minnows has been randomly selected from my list of followers, based on the following selection criteria.
☣️ Your post is not classed as nsfw.
☣️ Your post is no more than 5 days old.
☣️ Your reputation is above 25 and below 55.
☣️ Your post had more than 1000 characters in the body.
☣️ Your post has not been identified by cheetah as possible plagiarism.

Villans minnow pat on the back bot is one of the initiatives I have created focused on rewarding people, you can read more about villans minnow pat on the bot here









For more information about villans minnow pat on the back bot click here.


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You can also upvote my posts to show some love :)


Steeming Hot Resteem Bot

Another initiative I started up is my @steeming-hot free resteem and up vote bot.
@steeming-hot is a resteem bot with a difference, it gives out free resteems and up votes each day to random followers.
For more information about my @steeming-hot resteem bot click here


A while ago I wrote a couple of articles with handy advice for minnows, here they are and I encourage minnows to have a read.

Advice for Minnows and Plankton

Advice for Minnows and Plankton - Commenting on Posts


There are a great bunch of people at the Minnow Support Project who are doing some really good things in order ot help minnows.
I recommend checking them out. Here is a link to their website.



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